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Monday, October 27, 2014

Shivashankari Shivananda Lahari - A Live performance

Song: Shivashankari Shivananda Lahari
Film : Jagadalapradhapan 
Composer : Pendyala Satyam
Originally Sung by : Seerkaazhi Govindarajan (Tamil) and Ghantasala (Telugu)

Covered by : Murali Venkatraman

One of the ridiculously difficult compositions which tests every aspect of singing like akaaram, fast swarams and high notes sung by two different giants - Seerkazhi Govindarajan in Tamil and Shri Ghantasala in Telugu.  My humble attempt at the request of Bala (Sapthaswara).

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Aankhon ko - आँखों को - An original in Hindi Feat. Ali Pervez Mehdi and Kuhoo Gupta

Singers: Ali Pervez Mehdi, Kuhoo Gupta,
Orchestration : Eshwar Ravishankar
Lyrics : Sajeev Sarathie
Flute : Vijay Venkatesh Kannan
Backing Vocals: Tara Balakrishnan, Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam
Recording Engineer: Abin Pushpakaran 
Cover Art : R. S. Arun Prakash

Composed and Directed by : Murali Venkatraman

A new original brimming with romance in the silken vocals of Ali Pervez Mehdi and Kuhoo Gupta.  Ali - the son of illustrious ghazal singer Pervez Mehdi, is a growing musical force in bollywood circles.  His vocals came to to be known in India through the song "chadha de rang" and he was kind enough to sing the male lead.  Working with Ali has always been a desire which this song thankfully fulfilled.

This is my second work with both Kuhoo Gupta (singer) and Sajeev Sarathie (Lyricist) and I am extremely thankful for their aesthetic inputs.  This song has been in the making for around 3 years and it finally out.  This is my first extensive collboration with Eshwar Ravishankar who has crafted the orchestration and with Vijay Venkatesh Kannan who has played the flute.  Thanks to them as well.  My thanks to Tara and Sindhuja who were kind enough to provide backing vocals.

My good friends have been telling me that I should make music videos. But logistics have completely prohibited such an exercise.  So a simple video with pics of all the artists is presented.


आँखों को जो आँखों का इशारा मिल गया,
दिल दिल से मिलाने का इरादा हो गया,
पर्दे रहें, क्यों दरमियाँ,
दो जिस्म हैं, जब एक जाँ,
अब शर्मो हया को विदा कह दो न...
आँखों को....

सांसों में है मदहोशियाँ,
कानों में ये सरगोशियाँ,
धीमे स्वरों में कोई बात बोले,
सुन के जिसे मन ये बेताब डोले,
होंठों से,
हो...शबनम को तुम,
प्यार से,
हो....चखने भी दे,
मेरी बाहों में तुझको उठा लूं मैं
सीने से लगा लूँ जरा पास आ...
आँखों को....

मन में उठे तूफ़ान सा,
एहसास ये अनजान सा,
नस नस में क्यों कोई प्यास घोले,
अब तो न संभले मन ये संभाले,
ले ले पलकों में तू, अब मुझको छुपा,
कोई देखे न मुझको तेरे सिवा,
आँखों को....