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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Choolena - छूलेना -A Rain Dance Song

Song : Choo lEna- छूलेना 
Lyrics : Sajeev Sarathie

Composed and Orchestrated By : Murali Venkatraman
Mixing /Additional Percussion : Sibu Sukumaran and Bharath Venkatesan

A dense  rain-cloud, with flashes  of lightning can destroy the darkness of the  world.
And can cool the entire burning hot world - Soundarya Lahari - Verse - 40

(Please listen in Headphones in a good volume) 
Some photos were provided by Rashmi Nair

Rain brings joy. Especially to the parched souls.  It instigates the festive occasion in India.  The thunder instills hope and the rain fulfills it.  In this monsoon season, we present here a modest musical celebration of rain.  In this song video you will see some trivia about this song and a mention of some inspirations.  We dedicate this song to all those legends whose works continue  to shape our musical life.

Since conception, this song has taken more than 2 years to complete.  The first teaser was posted on 3rd June 2009 ! However, the song started taking shape a year ago when Sajeev kindly agreed to write the lyrics.  I cannot thank my team enough for being patient with me till now for its release.  This is my fourth song that I am posting as a fully orchestrated number after  Sendhaamarai, blogswara theme and war theme.  Please scroll down for Lyrics

Please listen and register your valuable feedback. Also please watch this space for more music in the near future.  Thanks.

Swati says :
All I can say is I am proud to be part of ‘The best team’ I have come across in a long time and I have to Thank Murali for giving me the opportunity to be part of the same. This song was quite challenging in many aspects and singing was one of them. I thoroughly enjoyed the Harmonies in it. The tune and orchestration of the song enticed us enough to learn and sing it to our, and mainly Murali’s satisfaction. He is a tough one to please you know :) Bharat and Sibu have done a wonderful job of getting final and satisfactory mix. Only the team members know how much efforts and time have gone into getting the right sound and a feel to the song. Kudos to Bharat & Sibu

So, here is the Recipe of ‘Choo lena’
  • Sajeev Sarathi’s superb lyrics.
  • Add Murali’s creative composition.
  • Let it simmer for a while with Murali’s maddening orchestration.
  • For extra sweetness add Kuhu’s Koyal si meethi aawaj (of course with little bit of mine too :P)
  • Finally blend and balance it accurately to make a perfect concoction.
Hope all of you will enjoy the song as much as we did making it

Sajeev says:
अपने लिखे बहुत से गानों में "छू लेना" कई कारणों से ख़ास है. पहली वजह तो है कि इस गाने के माध्यम से मेरा परिचय मुरली जैसे बेहद गुणी और प्रतिभाशाली संगीतकार से हुआ. ये हमारा पहला गाना था, जिसके बाद हमने साथ में कई गीत किये जिन्हें आप निकट भविष्य में सुन सकेंगें. दूसरी वजह ये है कि ये गाना करीब ७-८ मिनट लम्बा था, और इसमें धुन की विविधता भी अधिक थी. फिमेल युगल था और उनकी बातचीत थी आपस में. चुनौती ये थी ये बातचीत पूरे गाने में रुचिकर बनी रहे. मगर आप देखेंगें तो दोनों अंतरों में भी एक विविधता है, जहाँ पहले अंतरे में विरह का दर्द है वहीँ दूसरे में होने वाले मिलन की ख़ुशी और उत्तेजना है. बहरहाल मैंने गीत लिखा और मुरली की धुन पर और भेज दिया, करीब एक ढेढ़ हफ्ते तक कोई जवाब नहीं...पता चला कि मुरली और उनकी बेहद संवेदनशील पत्नी गीत के शब्द संयोजन पर गहन विचार में हैं. कुछ दो हफ्ते में गीत फाईनल हुआ, मुझे ख़ुशी हुई कि जो मैंने लिखा बिलकुल वैसा ही फाईनल रूप में आ गया था, अब चुनौती गायिकाओं क़ी थी, मुरली जो ऑस्ट्रेलिया में बैठे हैं उन्होंने चुनाव किया अमेरिका में बैठी स्वाति का और पुणे से कुहू का. मुझे लग रहा था कि दिक्कतें आने वाली है, क्योंकि गाने में संवाद और आपसी छेड़ छाड़ है और दोनों गायिकाएं एक दम अलग अलग छोर पे बैठकर कैसे निभा पाएंगीं ? खैर मुरली ने करीब करीब १ साल का समय लिया, और बहुत सी मेहनत के बाद अंततः गीत अपने मुकाम पर पहुँच ही गया ये मेरे बहुत ही पसंदीदा गीतों में से एक रहेगा हमेशा ही, और उम्मीद करूँगा कि इसे श्रोताओं का भी भरपूर स्नेह मिलेगा. मुरली, स्वाति, कुहू के साथ साथ मैं गीत के संयोजक सिबू का भी ख़ास शुक्रगुजार हूँ जिन सब क़ी मेहनत से ये गीत आज इस रूप में प्रस्तुत हो पाया है.    .

Kuhoo Says:
This is my first song with Murali and the kind of creativity he has is amazing, and it appeals to me even more after knowing he has no formal training in classical music. Sajeev's lyrics are beautiful but a challenge for the singer because they are tongue-twisting. This was my first song with Swati as well, I have been a fan of her voice when I first heard her on Muziboo. When Murali told Swati and I have to sing this duet, I was happy to be singing with her. Sibu and Bharath have done wonderful job in mixing. It was a challenge singing this song because it is a decently tough composition with tightly fitted lyrics where there is very less space of taking breaths, and also maintain a conversation like singing with a female partner and be thorough expression wise as well. It was great working with the team and hope the listeners like the song.


  1. Shrewd pastiche.. :) Nice video and was very informative.. Think this is the first time, I am listening to your composition accompanied by a full-house orchestration… Rhythm pattern ratified the theme of this composition… I mean that inexplicable joy one gets on seeing the drizzles… It had made me visualize the song, the showers kissing the arid lands royally… :) Now throw away your mackintosh and get soaked to feel it… :) Loved it!!!

  2. very beautiful song,nice work,hope u folks r :)

  3. I listened to the song numerous number of times right from the morning when I got to know about it. Is there any way out to be a part of your team? I am ready to appear in any test or audition for singing.

  4. Raj mousumi and Dil se - thank you for your nice feedback.

    Dil se : please send me an email. murali "at" lalitamurali "dot" com

  5. Cool song Murali - this comes very 'finished'. Very appropriate music for the theme.

  6. Awesome..Morning while I was driving I had a rendezvous with the raging sun and he said today its going to be tough !!! all these days the earth is at rage..temperature soaring..and this song was truly a blessing..with ACs in full throttle, with eyes closed, heard this work of art exactly for 6 minutes and 28 seconds. It was awesome...felt like I was in my home and drenching in that cool downpour. 18 vocal tracks...mind blowing. Special mention to Shibu and Bharath for the awesome mixing. Murali and team! just to say you guys rock:))

  7. Anonymous10:05 AM


    I am already grooving to the tune.Project of such genre taking 2 yrs is worth every listen."Mujhe neend me tune chhoo liya.. loved the modulation.Lovely composition and such a lovely collab.Loved those little smiles in between.Loved the Elaborate Video too.