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Monday, January 10, 2005

A President who performs

Being the president of India is considered one of the most respectable and luxurious options for the retired diplomats. Most of Dr.Kalam's predecessors have been lacklustre, attending book release functions, standing stiff for a parade march, giving away medals and other acitivites which do not portray the president as "working" at all. But Dr.Kalam, the tireless worker and the brain behind India's defense earlier has made an exception in a distinguished fashion in his presidential years. Recently he has presented in front of NRIs, a concept urging them to create an Overseas Indian Foundation with a seed capital of $100 million. The most wonderful thing about his lecture, as rediff points out, is his ability to present things in a scientific perspective. He elaborated how bumblebee defies the established laws of avionics and flies, an attempt he likened to the foundation's effort to predict earthquakes.

I do remember presidents urging Indians in general to be patriotic and serve the motherland in an uninspiring fashion on Republic day and Independence day speeches. They pull out a sheet of paper, standing in a bullet proof podium and read out their message to the public. Frankly, in spite of my love for India, I do not sit for messages from Presidents because they are very uninspiring and in plain and simple words - boring. Republic and Independence day parades used to catch my attention on TV when I was in teens but later they became repetitive and did not make any impact. But after Dr.Kalam had assumed office, I had tried to read all his speeches (I live in USA now) and have read all reports raving about his unending enthusiasm to instill in young and mature minds (both indian and NRI) the rabid desire to pull India forward in the lane of progress. Every speech he has given, every effort he has put in this direction has been a interesting piece to watch and emulate. He has toured widely giving lectures and many presentations encouraging active minds and instigating dormant brilliant minds thus creating a sense of reasonable patriotism coupled with scientific spirit. Young and old alike are happy to listen to the president of India avidly for the first time to my knowledge. Or else every republic and independence day would be spent like a holiday where once savors the snacks and snores to the core.

I wish all the pesidents to come emulate Dr.Kalam in doing something actively for India.