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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Temporary job in dept of public health

This year 2005 seems like a payback year for me. First I got a car. Now I got a temporary job offer in the dept of public health through a korean friend, who I had earlier helped in her phd work. All of a sudden I get a call a week ago from her saying that her group needs a programmer who is well versed in solving sets of coupled non-linear multivariable equations. I thought may be I know something about them. She set up a meeting with her Professor (prof 1). The meeting also involved another prof 2 who happens to be in my phd committee. On the discussion table prof 2 threw a few curious questions as to why I am unfunded etc. I tried to avoid those questions with an unimpregnable silence and he being a courteous nice man, let go off his curiosity.

The high point of the discussion was that Prof 1 appointed me right away without even asking for my resume. Today I have to turn in the paper work. The sudden offer of this employment is now pressing me to finish the papers and thesis as quickly as possible. May be this is a blessing in disguise. Also, had a meeting with my adviosr - prof 3. Good news was about he encouraging me for writing another paper. Well, things do not get any better for now.

Talked to my Atlanta music troupe owner last night about the developments and told him how badly I am going to need an H1 from April. He said he would do something about it. But there is something that bothers me about him. Or may be I am thinking the wrong way. He expects himself to be included in every convo that I make with any musician in the troupe. May be this sort of transparency is required since that is how a group should function. I think I need to learn this more properly. With prof 3 it had been a disaster. Let me try my hand with prof 1 and music groups. I will become a better team man I believe.