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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Audio post - Pramadhavanam - Karaoke experiment

Any guy with a little singing impetus and some mallu blood is bound to be lured into singing some of the great hits of Yesudas. In the 90s, the song that rocked every malayali's house was "Pramadhavanam". I do not really know if KJY won a national award for this or not. I have heard people say MGS won the award for NaadharoopiNi of the same film. Nevertheless, His Highness Abdullah is a masterpiece of Late Raveendran with breathtaking vocals by all lead singers. My first tryst with HHA's song was in DAV rhapsody 1994 when sambasivam sang "devasabathalam" with Ganesh on mrudangam. Sambasivam was kind of an icon at DAV. He had been attending DAV from his first grade and was a very popular guy due mainly to his singing skills. When I heard this song on stage for the first time, I thought it was nice. I was not very impressed by Sambasivam's rendition though the whole school gave a rapturous applause when he had finished. I never sang in DAV and was known to be a singer only to balagopalan, who till date is one of the closest friends I have ever got.

But later when I heard the original of HHA in the third year of my college, I was stunned by the breathtaking work. Though I have always been familiar with mallu songs from my birth, HHA changed my perspective completely and urged me to start exploring them further. Pramadhavanam became an instant hit in my mind and I started listening to a lot of mallu semi-classicals, influenced primarily by it. After a long self-learning, I decided to attempt singing these songs with or without karaoke and on stage. This version you hear was recorded 2 years back. Let me know what you think. The quality is kept low to minimize file size.