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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Audio Post - Thikana Na -Bengali Song

Today I felt like trying something absolutely adventurous - I would say. The song I you hear here is "thikana na rekhe" sung by the Bengali singer - Haimanti shukla. A few months back I was introduced to Haimanti Shukla through this song. It was instant addiction / love / attraction - whatever it is - she has become my most favorite singer these days. Her songs are soaked in emotion and each note spills melody.

With No disrespect to Lata I can safely say that Haimanti touches my heart better than Lata in spite of the language. I know hindi very well but I seem to be happier with unknown bangla of Haimanti rather than known hindi of Lata. For starters - Haimanti is the singer who sang with Yesudas the hindi song - "Kahan se aaye badra". Her soulful singing with the golden voiced KJY made me listen to it infinite times and later when I got more songs of Haimanti I grabbed them with both hands.

To understand one song of Haimanti takes days. And to reproduce the nuances takes weeks ! Her effortless ease in singing and soulful rendition transcends language barriers and touches the hearts. I know absolutely no bengali (or bangla) but I sat to learn this song with the diction.

I have tried my level best to render it as she has done. I have added small aalaaps at the beginning and end of the song which was not in the original just for a wholesome feelingThere are some glaring mistakes that I can recognize myself. I think I can rectify them only if I am Haimanti myself or probably her student.