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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"Gumbals" Nandu's take on "indhak kaadhal"

Nandu Mahadevan, my friend and a talented Keyboardist with whom I have had the opportunity of performing in many concerts, has a keen ear for harmony and melody. Most of you must be already familiar with the web site gumbals where he and his friends have pooled their talents and put some wonderful music for us to enjoy. Some numbers like "Copa cobana", "Hey undhan walk i paaru" and "Chiku" have been well received by all. I am personally a fan of his base-track scoring abilities. He always comes up with some innovative approaches in the base track and also in the harmony. His voice typically suits many of the 'pop'pish numbers.
Here in the following link he presents a version of "indhak kaadhal" - a poem written by Narayanan Venkitu:

Please listen to his nice harmonious attempt and encourage him to produce more for our listening pleasure !!