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Monday, March 27, 2006

Thaamasamendhe varuvaan - An eternal classic

Song: Thaamasamendhe varuvaan
Film : Bhargavi Nilayam
Composer: M. S. Baburaj
Singer: K. J. Yesudas
Performed by : Murali Venkatraman

A timeless song which because of its lyrical elegance and unrivalled compositional beauty, stands out as one of the greatest songs ever to grace Malayalam film songs. The composer Baburaj was a melody weaver (not a maker) of the highest calibre in my humble opinion. His songs like "thaLiritta kinaakkaL than" (S.Janaki) , "praNasakhi njaan verumoru" (KJY) are some which "ariyaadhE..en aathmaavil chiragu kudanjOr azagu" kaL (the beauties which titillate the aathma with a feather without we realizing it). For those who do not understand Malayalam let me write down the meaning of this splendiferous lyrics- you can pretty much sing these lyrics ini the original tune)


thaamadham Eno varavE
uyirththOZi endhan munnE
thaamadham Eno varavE
anburuvE endhan kaNNil

Charanam 2:

thaLirudal iLagi undhan
thangavaLai kilungiyadhE
poonjOlai kaattil undhan
kaalkolusum kulungiyadhE

paaloLi chandiranil -un
punnagaiyum kaNdu nindrEn
paadhi raa thendralil un
pattudai vilagiyadhE

No wonder Prabha chEchi fell for DasEttan listening to such songs :) I don't think the way I have sung is anywhere near what Dasettan's style...hmm.. This was recorded 2 years back.

Let me know if you folks like it.