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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Charukesi on Veena - Sheela Raman

Artist: Sheela Raman

Sheela Raman, singer and veeNa player par excellence, is one of the people in my life I have been fortunate to have befriended. She was one of the light houses for the reckless ship that I was, as a singer. Encouraged me to compose, patted when I impressed and scolded when I went overboard in my obsession with technical details and taught me the importance of bhaavam and sukham in renditions. Happily married and settled with a lovely daughter in India. Although our discussions have become infrequent these days due to time constraints, I will always remember the insightful and affectionate inputs that she has given me in singing.

Today a snippet of her talent on veeNa is being rpesented to you. A bhaavam-rich charukesi on the wonderful veeNa.

A moving rendition from an artist I respect !