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Friday, April 07, 2006

Nakshathra DeepangaL

song: Nakshathra DeepangaL
singer : K. J. yesudas
movie : Nirakudam

performed by: Murali

In the same program that I sang Devasabathalam, I sang a solo of another Malayalam classic – Nakshatra DeepangaL. I think this song was composed by Jay-Vijay and was rendered fabulously by K. J. Yesudas in the movie nirakudam – supposed to have been a comic blockbuster. I am daring to put this video of mine here in spite of the shortcomings I had on stage. I had to play the Keyboard as I sang it and it was really difficult since I was also coordinating the orchestra. Bharathan – the mrudangam player – admonished me saying that I was carrying too much of responsibility on the shoulders and I could falter. He was right. My jaded effort with occasional off-shruthis is being presented here for you to pounce on. Let me know.

Edited to include correct information. Thanks for the comments