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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I have seen a lot of snakes in my life, long, small, thin, fat..all. Cannot even keep a count of how many. CECRI - my undergrad college, was one place where I have seen so many of them. I have usually seen them in the night. Very rarely in day time. Not even once have I tried to kill them and somehow I never felt they were going to hurt me. Always ensured they passed and then I went on my way.

4 or 5 days back, I saw one in Columbia at 5:00 pm. I was on my way to get a sandwich from SUBWAY. The snake had come out of the nearby woods and was trying to enter the road through the sidewalk. It was probably 3-4 feet long. I stopped 5-6 feet from the snake. It was still. I thought it was dead. But then I saw it moving slowly. I have always seen snakes responding very quickly to vibrations. This was probably old or infirm. The traffic was just building up and death was written on the walls if it would attempt crossing.

In an attempt to save it from getting run over, I diverted the traffic standing a little away from the snake and fortunately it slowly understood the gravity and receded into the woods. I also took two pictures with my cellphone camera.