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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rasathi unna kaaNadha

I think I was in 6th std that time. I went to see Vaidegi kaaththirundhaaL with my mom and grandpa. This was the opening song of the movie. Made me an instant addict to Jeyachandran's voice - an effect I have never been able to recover from that, I started a series on dhool about Jayachandran to hail his rare songs:

Today as a humble tribute to this melody giant, I present my version of Rasaathi unna. As usual it was dug out from the 3yr old archives. The karaoke was much faster than the original that, at one point it made me go breathless (ya..most of my songs are 1 take recording from the first to the last). You can find it too. Let me know if you guys like it.