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Monday, June 05, 2006

War Theme - Instrumental

Wartheme - An old arrangement | Musicians Available

A war is a catastrophe. In this piece of music, I have tried to create a visualization for the war starting from the beckoning to the mourning. The war starts with the drums banging and the troupes marching in. Once the troupes face the enemies, out of sheer passion for victory and the thirst for blood they energize themselves with war cries and after that they start warring with each other. After a particular juncture the killing becomes so common and usual that their minds get numbed and they do it like normal work(the flutes). It is followed by the cruel mindless torture of innocents after the victory as they plead for mercy - but of no avail. All the killings are done without any heart.

A group of people who were untouched by the war since they were away come rushing and take a look at the battlefield and they are filled with anguish seeing the lacerated and amputated bodies with men and women crying out in Lord's name for help. Although they help the needy, they cannot control their weeping when they see vultures battling with them for the bodies - a stillness of burial ground.

Let me know if you guys are able to appreciate it. This was done entirely on the MOTIF ES 6. This was probably the second piece of music I did after getting the Keyboard.