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Monday, June 05, 2006

War Theme - Instrumental

Wartheme - An old arrangement | Musicians Available

A war is a catastrophe. In this piece of music, I have tried to create a visualization for the war starting from the beckoning to the mourning. The war starts with the drums banging and the troupes marching in. Once the troupes face the enemies, out of sheer passion for victory and the thirst for blood they energize themselves with war cries and after that they start warring with each other. After a particular juncture the killing becomes so common and usual that their minds get numbed and they do it like normal work(the flutes). It is followed by the cruel mindless torture of innocents after the victory as they plead for mercy - but of no avail. All the killings are done without any heart.

A group of people who were untouched by the war since they were away come rushing and take a look at the battlefield and they are filled with anguish seeing the lacerated and amputated bodies with men and women crying out in Lord's name for help. Although they help the needy, they cannot control their weeping when they see vultures battling with them for the bodies - a stillness of burial ground.

Let me know if you guys are able to appreciate it. This was done entirely on the MOTIF ES 6. This was probably the second piece of music I did after getting the Keyboard.


  1. After reading your post, when I played the song, I was able to relate to it 100%. Very nicely done.

    Liked the sounds you've used !

  2. Moved me to almost being a non-existent entity for the period of the piece.

    Excellent choice of sounds-- for instance the sound of cricket,the insect althgh not sure if that sound was indeed visualised as the insect. Nice drum combinations...

    Very impressive Murali!

  3. Good piece of music. Enjoyed listening to it.

  4. The piece fits the description to a T. I like the layers in the middle and the voice effects. The flute interlude is outstanding. Good choice and variety in the percussion too.

    Superb Murali.

  5. Pramaadham Murali. It gives a peek at the force that was going to clash in the beginning, the build up if I may call it and goes on further. very nice. Keep posting your old compositions.

  6. Murali, I liked it overall and has great mood to it! Chorus and flute parts are good. There are some sounds in this piece which are not in the production quality - if replaced them with better sounds, this piece can be called professional! All the best.

  7. Anonymous1:55 AM

    Good Job - Keep working on more music!

    - Arun

  8. Awesome Murali. Luvd the piece. writeup helpd me visualise the battle field. Arumayana flow.
    Beats, Flute and Voice effects romba arumai.

    Kalakkiteenga !


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  10. Superb work. I like the drum sounds, the way strings are arranged. If you could do this with a Motif keyboard, I wonder how you would be performing if you had a chance to conduct an orchestra. Honestly.

  11. machi...idu edavadu movikku background aa kuduka poriyaa....i can see a future MD in the making...awesome performance man...really enjoyed it....

  12. Hello,
    First time here! You got a nice blog out here....I read your post on that snake -you kind'a rescued ... That is very kind of you!! The music is highly professional, Cool!! And your songs are really great...Visited Blogeswara. Keep rocking!! My best wishes....

  13. Hi Murali,

    This is Anand from Atl (remember the P. Suseela concert). As I told u the last time we met, I end up visiting your blog every now and then and keep up with your musical life! This was a great composition and sounded kinda Rahman like in the early days of his composing (like Thiruda thiruda - maybe it was the use of the Timpani for percussion).

    By the way these days I'm with a predominantly hindi singing group named "Dhwani" based out of Atlanta. Using ur site as an inspiration, I put up our blog a few days ago the URL is

    I've uploaded some mp3's from a recent show in Knoxville. I took on the effort of trying to sing a Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan song (Kinna Sona) perhaps you would like to give it a listen. As it was a live show, the recordings are not studio level..

    Feel free to send me ur comments or share with friends.



  14. Murali, that was beautiful! I could actually imagine the war scene.....fantastic work! Like someone has already mentioned....edavadu movikku kodukka poriya?? :)
    Great job!

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  16. Murali excellent piece of work with wonderful imagination! This shows what you can do if you would grab a big oppurtunity! It's a small capsule of what you can compose. But I still think that you should strive hard to use better tones on that Monster called Motif. Since you are yet to tame it to it's full potential, when you finally do it this same piece would be awesome with heavy strings, heavy rythm and bigger chorus.....Yes I can see it coming.....the war....the troops...all....I eagarly await the day when you tame the monster!

  17. amazing piece of work.. iam sure there is more to come.. actualla i felt a little IR style of twist towards the end (the helping ppl part of it).pls try more theme based mudhal kaadhal, oru yeakkam, thayakkam, kalakkam, santhosham kalandha feeling.. murali.. pls do try this..
    looking forward to more.. hats off,

  18. hi ppl,

    Just finished my briefing. Committee is ok with me going for public defense. Tentatively slotted in the last week of this month. Let me see if I can clear that too. SInce I was busy, I could not answer you guys.

    I did not expect such a warm welcome to my instrumental from all of you people. And Thanks to that !



    Well I do not know if what can be viewed as a compliment. To me it appeared that I had to explain through language rather than music. Glad you liked it though. I shall try to get more expressive in the coming works:


    That sound of 'cricket' was used for creepiness. Glad I could engage u with my music.

    Poorni , Bharat and Krisshna:

    will bring out as and when my cranium goes on a creative overdrive which I guess is infrequent :)


    Two responses from you complimenting the work, shows that I was able to convey to you the picture I had in mind. Thanks for your responses !

    Anup and Jo:

    I am aimlessly pursuing music (donno if it is good enough). But I think with the pygmy knowledge I have in Western music, I would not stand a chance. And orcehstra..OMG! I may help ppl polish their strings :)

    Adita and Pradip:

    I am glad I could impress you pros with the minimalistic presentation. Absolutely agree with you on the soudns part and mixing. I have just started to learn. Guess with some pointers form you guys, I can accelerate the progress.

    Swarawaasan, vidyu and marutham:

    Thanks a lot. Vidyu - I am seeing an explicit improvement in your tamil after vasiyakkaari song. It was an awesome performance from you. My friends likes it immensely.


    How can I forget you ? You were part of the wonderful moment of my life - singing with the Legend. I have left a comment in your blog. please check.

    Anil :

    Happy to see your comments here anilji. Do let me know if there are any improvements possible.

    thanks to all of you guys for your constant, encouragement, criticizm and support.

  19. Music Director Murali:

    Arumaiyo...arumai. Romba nanna irrukku.

  20. Excellent Murali .. Liked the flute part a lot.. VERY touching !!! Waiting for more from you :0).. Keep up the Good work .

    Sorry for such a late response, wasnt blogging for a while..


  21. Murali.. The theme is awesome. the music speaks for its own.. i don't think we need the explanation!!! ur music is quite expressive..

    very revolutionary!! have u considered stage performances (not purely in the music line..) give ur music the light of visual impact and put it across to the audience in a drama form??

    with good choreography such a lively music can reach hights and make an impact!!!

  22. hi..i just stumbled upon your profile in orkut and ended up looking through your blog. The music you composed is very very good. I dont know if i can say this, but I expected a lot more depth in it..its a bit light for a war theme...anyways good work !!

  23. Murali, how eloquent and picturesque! Part of my mind in reciting the verses of my poem WARS and other part is sync-ing your apt music to it..Can I use the tune to choreograph a dance for out kids in the Balvihar (with due acknowlegement ofcourse)?
    Keep it up!

  24. Anonymous5:32 AM

    WOW... WOW, Murali.. this is the best ( till date) from your compostions!
    Just close your eyes and lsiten to this .. U can really see it is coming ...

    Waiting to hear more of your own compostions - Sandhya :)

  25. Mulla - Super..To know you have played this single key board, it was amazing.

    I could not feel the innocent crying for help though.

    For a while, I compared our previous days, your music has come a great way and very professional. Wish you the very best, man!