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Friday, June 30, 2006

Welcome Swati Kanitkar / Kaushidhwani to Audio-Blogging world

It is not only a pleasure but an honor to introduce Swati Kanitkar - my singer friend par excellence - to the audio blog world. I met Swati, also known as Kaushidhwani in yahoo music room long back.

And a sample of her musical prowess from her expanding musical repertoire - Dayaghana is -presented here.

dayaghana -broadband

dayaghana -dialup

This is what I wrote about Swati on Orkut for her testimonial:

A voice that made me a composer way back in 2002. A singer par excellence. The sheer beauty of her mesmerizing delivery can render the listener spell-bound. Swati is one of those artists who one cannot come across everyday in life. Her command on akaar aalaap is so high that, it sometimes makes me hold my hands in a 'namaste' position in awe ! An artist who is always willing to work with new ideas. For all and sundry she is Swati. For me, she will always be Kaushiji.

Listening to Kaushiji in devotionals is a sublime experience akin to experiencing a divine interception in life. I can unabashedly say that I am a total pujari of her voice and that she is one of my two singing goddesses. (The other one is Deepa Sethuraman about whom I may write a blog in the future). I have also been fortunate to have her sing a composition of mine which I plan to release with complete orchestration. I think having Swati in our midst is a blessing. Had she not chosen to live in USA, I am sure she would have been picked by the best of music directors in Bombay and been catapulted to fame. Well, at least for once music directors were not lucky and we, the audiobloggers, are.

Please welcome Swati to our ever-expanding audio blog world. Kaushiji - I believe you can infuse some fresh spirit in our already bubbly audioblogging world. It is a privilege to have you among us.