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Sunday, July 02, 2006

rhim jhim gire sawan - in tamil with Udhaya's lyrics

This post has two objectives :

1. Introduce the concept of alternative lyris by Udhaya for a song
2. Introduce Shubho Sengupta - an online friend and a good singer

The song "rhim jhim gire sawan" is one of the ever-green numbers in hindi. Sung by Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar, it towers as one of those unforgettable melodies of that era. Based mainly on kheervani, a favortie of Ilaiyaraja, the song has a beautiful catchy strcuture and innovative one.

Udhaya does not have even an iota of knowledge in hindi or urdu and I can testify for it. Hence this song is NOT a translation, but his own lyrics that he had done purely because the tune transcended the language barrier. It is one of the earliest that he wrote in an attempt to come up with new lyrics for some of the songs he liked irrespective of the language. I have given a different tune for this lyrics , but that will be in another future post..And what brilliant words !

My delivery is pretty much my own imagination. Please do not look for Kishore kumar in my rendition :)

Shubho is the friend of another singer friend, kaumudee (who I will be itnroducing later). He provided me with the Karaoke. He is a very emotive singer and specializes in singing Kishore kumar songs. You can visit his blog at :

The same song rhim jhim- his version is featured here:

Udhaya's lyrics:

மடி சாய்ந்திடும் மாலை
மழையில் நனையும் பூஞ்சோலை
மலராத வாழ்வை எண்ணி
இவன் பாடும் வேளை


பூங்காற்றில் ஆடும்
என் வாழ்க்கை ஓடம்
புயல் வந்து வீசும் முன்னே
கரை சேர வேண்டும்

கல்லாக்கி வைத்திருந்தேன்
கசிகிறது என் இதயம்
முள் ஆகிப் போன வாழ்வை
மலர வைத்ததுன் உதயம்


மழை தர வேண்டி இந்த
மேகத்திடம் காத்திருந்தேன்
விடை தர வேண்டி உந்தன்
விழிகளையே பார்த்திருந்தேன்

தோகை விரித்து என்ன பயன்
கோதை மனது மாறவில்லை
மறக்க நினைத்தும் என்ன பயன்
வேறு மலரில் வாசமில்லை