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Friday, August 18, 2006

viziyil vizundhu - Meera, Pradip and Myself

It was in April that Poorni released a beautifully sung version of "viziyil vizundhu" in her blog. Not one to be easily lured into making a karaoke, I was simply compelled involuntarily into making a Karaoke track the same day in an effort to support her beautiful rendition. I had earlier used ghatam tone in the song Sendhaamarai. I wanted to see how to use Mrudangam tone in songs. This was a good song to experiment. I imagined bluebyrd's voice to provide the basal male voice and poorni doing the lady portion. Somehow the logistics did not work out and the karaoke just remained idle.

Later when talking to Meera, I came to know she was interested in singing this song. We asked Jo and he agreed. But it had to wait once again due to blogswara and sundry work. Finally Meera found time to work on the song and asked me to do the male vocals. Then came the biggest hurdle - She had reduced the scale further ! Both Jo and I struggle with the delivery of base notes yet and I said to Meera:

"At this pitch there is only one person who can sing flawlessly. And that is Pradip. If I sing it will more like a buffalo yawning"

And I am happy I realized it. Pradip's singing though minimal is like an icing on the cake that is Meera's voice. Listen to this beautiful version of Viziyil Vizundhu by Pradip and Meera

Vizhiyil Vizhundhu