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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ding Dong Kovil Mani- A duet with Srividya

Song: Ding dong
Singers : Madhu Balakrishnan, Madhushree
Composer : Vidyasagar
Movie : Ji

Performed by : Murali, Vidya

Vidyasagar and Ramesh Vinayagam are the only composers in TFM (barring Rehman) who have a strong sense of melody. Vidyasagar is credited with some breathtaking melodies like malare mounama, nee kaatru, poo vaasam, pinneyum pinneyum etc. I have not been hearing a lot of new songs lately since most of them sound very much devoid of melody. Hence, when Vidya came up with the idea of singing this song, I was very skeptical looking at the first line of lyrics which comes with the English words "ding dong". I am generally not a great fan of lyrics that do not have life in them. But surprisingly, this song's tune and the rest of the lyrics were neat. Then I was wondering what scale this song was in and I found an article on it. Ramesh on music notes:

Have you heard "Ding Dong Kovil Mani" song from "Ji"? It is a beautiful composition by Vidyasagar. In this song, almost all the instruments seem to have a longer sustain, giving a sort of eerie effect. In the charanam an extra percussion layer of Dhols is added over the western drums giving a nice sound. This beat is similar to "Kurukku Siruthavalae" from Muthalvan.

Interestingly, this is set in a not-so-common rasikapriya raaga, which is the 72nd melakartha ragam, which is why I thought of blogging this. Arohanam is S R3 G3 M2 P D3 N3 S and avaraohanam is S N3 D3 P M2 G3 R3 S.

That caught my interest. And since the tune was already lilting with Madhu-Vidyasagar combo usually coming up with great numbers, I was more than eager to sing it with Vidya. Also, I had do some decoding of what both madhus had sung for aalaaps since this is a rare raga. This is our second duet and thanks to Vidya for asking me to sing a lovely song which would have gone unnoticed from my radar due to the self-imposed apathy towards the new film songs.

Please leave you comments after you listen.