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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Teaser 5- Azagaay poosum manjaL

Azhagaay poosum - அழகாய் பூசும் மஞ்சள் -Teaser by murali-venkatraman

One of the biggest complaints that my music friends have is that I dont sit down and finish the songs that I start. Well, truly speaking there are some reasons:

  1. Lack of proper equipment. Somehow I have been having a bad time with all soundcards with limited money I have to buy them.
  2. Serious lack of time.
  3. I generally try to think of too many things at the same time and no wonder sometimes I lose focus. Many songs have been composed for which tunes and lyrics are ready but orchestration is only half way through.
  4. With my minimal knowledge in orch'n, I still have this burning desire to create musical interludes which have a life of their own. Overambitious - I guess - given the puny knowledge to back it up ! With so many softwares and loops available, it is relatively easy to "fill a tune" with inance musical interludes, but I am trying to see if I can transcend beyond this limitation. Since I do NOT have the required expertise, I have to toil long and hard to be really convinced that the orchestration sounds tight and fresh.
This song, the tune of which was composed a while back has its lyrics written by Udhaya. I asked him to start with the line "azagaay poosum manjaL" and he penned some very beautiful lines for the song. 

The sax (not the violin) plays the tune in this bit. Only the prelude - pallavi - interlude 1 can be heard in this teaser. The volume levels are yet to be balanced properly. You may want to sing these lines along with the sax:

அழகாய் பூசும் மஞ்சள் / azagaay poosum manjaL
அரிதாய் தோன்றும் திங்கள் / aridhaay thOndrum thingaL

வானம் ஏந்தும் போதும் / vaana, Ednhum pOdhum
பூமி தேடுகின்றாய் / bhoomi thEdugindraay

கதிரின் ஆடை போர்த்தி / kadhirin aadai pOrththi
யாரை ஏய்க்க வந்தாய்? / yaarai Eykka vandhaay

சுடரின் பார்வைச் சூட்டை / chudarin paarvaych choottai
மறவா காலைப் பூக்கள் / maRavaa kaalaip pookkaL

காதல்.. வெள்ளை நெஞ்சில் கள்ளம் சேர்க்கும் / kaadhal..veLLai nenjnil kaLLam sErkkum