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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Alankruta Sundara Roopam - Murali and Murali

Song : Alankruta Sundara Roopam
Singer :
Murali Ramanathan
Lyrics and Composition by : Murali Venkatraman

It has been almost 5 years since my fascination with Baby Krishna and allied Krishna themes started. Somehow, this seems to excite the writer in me most of the times. I have, earlier in one post, presented a song "vENdinEn unai vENdinen". Most of the songs I have written and set tune, however, are sleeping in the computer. I have been searching for specific voices for specific songs.

One such song is presented below - Alankruta Sundara Roopam - written in sanskrit by me. I composed this song in Raga Charukeshi to bring out the devotional bhaavam as much as possible. After composing I realized, a beautiful voice capable of rendering the Bhakthi is required to bring out the beauty in it. It lay in the racks until I met Murali Ramanathan online. I told myself - I cannot get a better voice for this song and I should not wait any further.

I think Murali Ramanathan has rendered this brilliantly capturing all the brighas, sangathis, gamakam and bhaavam that I had given him and also embellished it with some of his own. The moment I heard the song, I was awestruck. But mind it, this is just a draft version ! The song needs to be redone with veena sitar violin etc. and I can only imagine how this wonderful singer will sound then !!

Alankruta Sundara Roopam - My Composition Sung by Murali Ramanathan | Music Upload


  1. very nice comp! good singing.
    Writing and scoring a sanskrit song is great!! Giving it that entra uumph in singing is awesome!
    I have only two complaints.
    1) The sangathis sound forced at times with an intent to imitate someone rather than coming from within if you know what I mean.
    2) I think the feel for the lyrics may be lacking because of this as well.

    Suggestion for Murali R: Don't try too hard. Deliver the song as though everything is done already and we are just there enjoying it. This attitude will give success in gereral for all songs, especially for a devotional song.

    This is not a personal comment just a thought. I have always enjoyed Murali R's singing from the get go.


  2. fantabulouss...i dont know much about the technicalities...but it sounded just great...Murali (R)..dude ur voice is divine...and of course Murali (V), awesome work...

  3. No words to describe the divinity that oozes from this song...excellent composition, awesome rendition...

    Somehow felt the scale was very high for Murali...had it been a little lower, we could have heard more depth in his voice..

    Now waiting for the final orchestrated version...

  4. Guys .. No words to describe , How I feel.. though I have already listened to this song thru Murali V.. It Brought tears to my eyes.. Awesome !! Thanks for Posting this lovely song..


  5. hi Murali,

    As you already mentioned it is just awesome ..Murali did all justice to this devotional :) .. I liked it totally .. :) , it doesnt require any more music other than Thamburu I guess :) ... Loved it !!! kudos to both the Muralis .. :)!!

  6. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Beautiful Song composition by Murali and singer Murali voice is superb and divine. I think making a song like this is more meaningful and it shows the depth of musicians - please concentrate more on classical even if it means old fashioned for contemporary musicians like all of us....Get it going - there was so much of value in what you delivered in this song...

    Since the work is aimed to be in strictly charukeshi and it has all qualifications to become a classical gem, if I were you, I would modify the first 10 seconds alaap and perhaps not rest on madhyamam in the beginning - it appears that you are rendering it in some what a gowri manohari thru sruthibedam (It could be that the tambura was set to play madhyama sruthi or somewhat my analytical mind strayed a bit) - actually it also sounded like you were starting in ahir bhairavi but instantly it comes to charukeshi feel.

    this song is truly nice and present more of this kind.

    Mahathi (this is just my pen name).

  7. alamkrudha kEttEn oru vazhiyaa. room pUraa Udhupaththi vaasanai vandhiruchchu.

    bakthi illaathavan
    mozhi theriyaatha bakthi paattai enna solrathu?

    The sincerity of the composition and rendition took me to a place of beauty where the creek, birds, and trees were all tranquil in oneness.

    Analytically, my mind kept playing Sirgazhi's "vaakku tharum nal vaazhvu tharum"...maybe it's a similar raagam, maybe my devotional frame of reference always goes to Sirgazhi...

  8. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I lost myself in hearing that song. Murali (R) voice is special would like to hear more from him

  9. hi, Excellent composition and the right voice to bring out the feeling of the song. Good Work

  10. Mux > Thanks for you suggestion. You told a very valid point to just enjoy singing..I will work on this definitely..

    Barani,ann,max > Thanks a lot for your comments.

    Awaats > Thanks for your feedback. The scale was comfortable for me. But I do agree that it sound like strained in certain places. Will take care of this in the orchestrated version.

    Anonymous > The point made on the alap make sense and will pay attention to it..

    Udhaya > Thanks a lot for your kind words and encouragement.

    anonymous > Thanks...

    Amir > thanks a lot for your feedback...

  11. Excellent composition Murali!
    I don't have any idea about the Raga on which this song was based and the 'sangathis', but I really enjoyed the ups and downs throughout the song. Neatly done. Great Job! I am yet to hear more compositions of yours from the blog. Expecting more from you. Keep going. Good Luck!

    Murali. R's voice and rendition added more light and life to this song. excellent singing!

    you two make a good team :)

  12. Beautiful! that's all I can say.
    The song itself, its music and rendering are competing each other! Waiting for the orchestrated version.

  13. Beautiful composition Murali V!

    And excellent rendition Murali R!

  14. Murali - Excellent composition and wonderful rendition by Murali R...waiting for the orchestrated request cos of your mention about "fascination with Baby Krishna"...There is this song called "Silangai Katti oodi oodi vayo"...I have vague memories of this song from chilhood...have you heard of the song??? can you try that song when you get a chance???

  15. Priti:

    I am indeed very familiar with "chilanga katti Odi". I dont think I have the entire lyrics although the tune is ingrained in mind.

  16. And thanks to all of you who have taken time to listen and comment. The updates in this page are slow, but I plan to do more original compositions than re-singing established songs.

  17. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Murali -
    Excellent lyrics& composition and I do hear this in the morning to start a new day and that really make my day,Thanks Much:)
    - Waiting to hear more from you ,
    Good wishes, Sandhya

  18. amazing song, love the way you have treated this raga, with so much of bhavana, and the lyrics are so apt.
    great work

  19. as krishna janmashtami is nearing i cant seem to get this song out of my mind, totally in krishna consciousness, i dont know how to thank you for this divine experience!

  20. Was really stunned!!!.I am not getting an exact word to describe this work, no word in any language will be enough. You two are really special creations of God.
    With Love,

  21. Muraliji,

    In life, all I wanted was to be a part of music. I always wanted a bunch of friends who knew music well and spend time with them. Internet has opened that opportunity for me. But I always thought that quality won't be much. But you are one of those who has proved me wrong and mesmerized me with your compositions time and again. A song depicting love for God arises from the immense feel of the composer. But that song itself making a lasting expression on a listener is divine. I was speechless and left in a state of happiness and joy after listening to this piece. God bless both of you.

  22. Absolutely slips into a different world altogether - hats off to you Murali ji for the great lyrics and pranams Murali R for the soulful divine rendition..God bless..

  23. Super work.. what software u use for such u have a home studio. continue u r good work...

  24. Anonymous11:41 PM

    If you have the lyrics of "Chilanga Katti odi odi vaayo", could you please share it? Thank you.

  25. Chilanga Katti Odi Odi Vayo
    Yendai tamarai kanna aadi aadi vayo
    Ningal pinju padam thedi thedi nangal
    nindai divya nama padi padi vanthu..

    Devaki Nandana Radha Jeevana
    Keshava Hare Madhava
    Aasritha vatsala aapad bandhava
    Keshava Hare madhava
    Gokula balane odi vayo
    Gopala balane aadi vayo..

    Arjun rakshaka agyaat nashaka
    keshava hare madhava
    Pandava rakshaka papa vinashana
    keshava hare madhava
    Geetamrutame odi vayo
    hridayanandame aadi vayo..

    Kamsa vimardhana kaalinna mardhana
    keshava hare madhava
    Putana mardhana papa vinashana
    keshava hare madhava
    Omkaranathane odi vayo
    aananda geetame aadi vayo...

  26. Chilanga katti odi odi vayo
    Yendai tamarai kanna aadi aadi vayo
    nindai pinju paadam thedi thedi nangal
    nindai divya namam paadi paadi vanthu

    devaki nandana radha jivana
    keshava hare madhava
    aasritha vatsala aapadh baandhava
    keshava hare madhava
    Gokula balane odi vayo
    Gopala balane aadi vayo

    Arjuna rakshaka Agyaan nashana
    keshava hare madhava
    Pandava rakshaka papa vinashana
    keshava hare madhava
    Geetamrutame odi vayo
    Hridayanandame aadi vayo

    Kansa vimardhana Kalinga Mardhana
    keshava hare madhava
    Putana mardhana, papa vinashana
    keshava hare madhava
    Omkaranathame odi vayo
    ananda geetame aadi vayo...

  27. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Thanks a lot for the Lyrics.

    Swami Advayaananda,