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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ponnira Vaanam - Tamil version of Mallelu poose

Song : Ponnira Vaanam
Original Song : Mallelu Poose (Telugu)
Singer : SPB
Composer : Rajan-Nagendra
Movie : Intinti Ramayanam
Tamil Lyrics : Udhaya
Performed By : Murali Venkatraman
Mixed By : Pradip Somasundaran

Ponnira Vaanam - Tamil version of Mallelu poose / Aaseya bhava | Musicians Available

Nearly 5 years ago, Raja Govindarajan - a popular telugu and tamil stage singer in North America sent me an assorted collection of songs in 2 cassettes. One contained great numbers from Shankar Mahadevan, Hariharan, Ghulam Ali and Ajoy chakraborty. The other one had a collection of SPB's , what I think, are the finest telugu songs. And it included:

1. oh cheli idhi toli pata
2. madhumaasa vELalo
3. aNuvu aNuvula
4. naa hrudayapu kovilalo
5. pooche poolalona
6. nenoka prema pipaasini
7. kadhile mEgama
8. ee divilo virisina paarijatamu
9. shivaranjani navaragini
10. mallelu poose

Although every number is very dear to me, it is last song that took my breath away. I had not heard a melody so captivating in telugu till then and I ended up playing the song over and over the entire day ! Every note oozes romance (in telugu of course which I have not a clue a about), but you could feel every note's warmth in the enchanting rendition of SPB. Language was not immaterial to understand or let me say, feel the song. I can, without any element of exaggeration, say that this song provoked the composer and singer in me. Honestly I was outraged by the disparity in creation - the bundle of talent that were Rajan-Nagendra and the silken voiced supremo SPB and the banal musical pretender that I am. I think I said loudly in the car:

"mavanE..eppadi..eppadi paadaraan paaru..yENda ennai ellaam padichchaan ? !@#$..eppadi oru tune pOttu irukkaan paaru..ippadi oru tune pOttutu seththu pOidaNum"

And I have found myself mouthing similar words when I hear MSV's compositions. Please regard my appreciation in singular address as the love for the artists I worship. I have always heard envy never brings love. But when it concerns me, I think in the case of SPB, MSV, KJY and IR, I make an exception. My envy is simply an extension of the deep affection I have towards their musical creations.

I did have the temerity to perform this song a couple of times on stage - once in telugu and once in kannada (aaseya bhava)


If mallelu poose's linguistics cannot be fully appreciated by me, I know who I need to turn to. Udhaya. Impressed heavily by the song, he wrote tamil lyrics albeit with a philosophical overtone and not the romantic overtone the original has.

# 219 பொன்னிற வானம்
மல்லெலு பூசே என்ற தெலுங்குப் பாடலை தமிழில் கேட்க நினைத்ததின் விளைவு இது.

பொன்னிற வானம்
போடுது மோடம்
ஏனிந்த மாறுதல்?
இதயமுமே அந்த வானம் போல அல்லவா?

பொன்னிற வானம்
போடுது மோடம்
ஏனிந்த மாறுதல்?

சரணம் 1
எதிர்வரும் காற்றினிலே
எவருக்கும் மாறும் வழி
மாறிடும் பாதையிலும்
ஊன்றிடு உன் கொடி (2)

சதுரங்க ஆட்டத்திலே
நகர்வது முறைப்படியே
வாழ்கையின் போக்கினிலே
முறையே புரியலே

தோல்வியின் சன்னதியே தந்த வரம் இந்த அனுபவம்

(பொன்னிற வானம்...

சரணம் 2
ஏக்கங்கள் தேங்கிடவே
கனவுகள் பெருகிடுமே
வேண்டிய முயற்சியிலே
ஏக்கங்கள் விலகுமே (2)

வெற்றியின் படிகளை
அடைந்திட பல வழி
அத்தனை வழியிலும்
முயற்சி முதல் படி

வெற்றியை பகிர்ந்திடவே சொந்த பந்தம் வந்து சேருமே

(பொன்னிற வானம்...

When I got the lyrics I had to say this :

"mavane..eppadiyya ezudharaan ippadi?"

In order to stay true to the philosophical overtone of Udhaya's lines, I chose to underplay the romantic element that is present all over in SPB's telugu rendition. So, what you hear is what Udhaya and I cooked up in the background of Rajan-Nagendra's orchestration and SPB's shadow. Please let us know how you feel.

Thanks to Pradip who helped me to mix this.