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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Chenthar Mizhi - With Rashmi Nair - A tribute to Sahana

Song : Chentharmizhi
Movie: Perumazakkaalam
Singers : Madhu Balakrishnan, Chithra
Composer : M. Jayachandran

Performed by : Murali Venkatraman, Rashmi Nair

It is rare, in the current trend of predominantly cacophonous songs, to find a gem which emphasizes the beauty of classical ragams. Sahaana is on such ragam and M.Jayachandran is one such great contemporary composer. He may rightly be termed the successor of Raveendran. Deep classical knowledge and high creativity distinguish him from the rest. His songs in the movie perumzakkaalam are wonderful and he has mixed hindustani and carnatic styles throughout the movie. The movie itself was a beauty and the music just elevated it.

When this song came in my mind, I asked Divya if she would be willing to sing it. She told me " Chetta - I have already sung this Murali Ramanathan !" (See here). The most comical thing is that I had commented on her blog about their rendition myself. Such is the state of my great memory. Pradip can tell some other stories about my memory too :) So I thought may be rashmi would be interested and here it is.

When I started listening to the song I was wondering why Madhu had imparted a heavy dose of classicism in the brighas and sangathis. I expressed this to Rashmi and she said : "that is because it is a duet between iyer aathu mami and mama". Then I saw the video and subsequently saw the movie too. Frankly Madhu's voice in this song is like how dew covers the garden smoothly in a beautiful morning - it can hardly be felt by the leaves, flowers and the trees. But it is there in all glory. The rendition is supremely serene and inimitable. I told rashmi - "I dont think I will be able to do a great justice to the song, but I will try". And here it is for you.