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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sendhaamarai - My First Ever fully Orchestrated composition

Song : Senthaamarai
Lyrics : Udhaya
Vocals : Mux, Meera
Composed and Orchestrated by : Murali Venkatraman
Album : Blogswara

Sendhaamarai - An old Hansdhwani Composition | Music Upload

Today is an important day for me as a musician, especially as a composer. An album named Blogswara has been released with some compositions of mine along with those of my friends. What is unique ? The album was entirely done over the net without the artists ever meeting each other face to face! All over the world a talented buch of indian bloggers, came under the intitiative of Joseph Thomas - a singer par excellence - in an effort to produce a music album which would be done exclusively for the love of music ! Serious effort with blood, sweat and time was to be there, but it would be free and serve as a primordial advocate of 'free music' !

I was one of the earliest to join blogswara as a composer/singer. I have been composing for almost 3-4 yrs with a bank close to 500 tunes, all in the need of orchestration. Finally one of them rolled out of my bag and here it is before you for your feedback. I composed and orchestrated the song and sent it to Mux Mukundan and Meera who sang the lyrics of Udhaya.

Music has a strange power. Udhaya - the poet and I - the composer/singer, have been working on many tunes for 3 or more years now without ever thinking when would all the songs that we both make, see the light of the day. If I were to quote the relation between me and Udhaya, I would lilke to recall SPB's quote on kamal - 'down the time lane there had been a soul exchange betwen us'. We may have not achieved as much like SPB or Kamal but the quote certainly applies to us. Somehow our love for tamil and music matched harmoniously and we started doing songs. Today the first one has sneaked out and our longstanding wish has come true and we are awaiting the judgement of you, the listeners!!

Meera - who came as a visitor to my blog, has become a very good friend and Mux - the ever sweet guy - has been very helpful in clarifying many things about recording and singing. When I played this song to our dhooL friends, they liked it and suggested I could put this up as SOTD.

For a guy without any kind of formal training in music, it has been an steep uphill climb. I have just left the rock bottom and started going up. The mountain that music is, grows at a rapid pace and reaching the summit is beyond dreams. But the path of exploration itself gives me immense pleasure and I am happy to be pursuing it. itself was one such venture with BB and this is the next phase I would like to be active in. Dhool SOTD visitors are requested to visit the album web site and listen to all the songs of my fellow artists and pat them for some of their wonderful efforts. Any comments, criticizms are welcomed with open hands. Most of us knew nothing about recording, mixing, MIDI etc, and we are learning. It is a long way, but we are crawling. We will hopefully reach a state where we can look back and say "well..that has been a long walk"

Presenting to you "sendhaamarai cheNdaip pOlE sooriyan angE sarigirathE" as SOTD today.

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  1. Murali...BRILLIANT!!!
    Believe me...if i had listened to this song...without knowing it was ur composition..i wud have thought that this is the track of some movie song..
    The style is very unique and doesnt imitate any music thats the first success!
    I am imagining Sriram parthasarathy singing this song...kinda tailor made for him madiri irukku!
    Apdi oru naal seekrame varanum ...Best wishes!

  2. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Nice melody Murali, very pleasing to hear. Ghatam tone is very nice.As I read from you blogs, you use your Motif keyboard but how do you get the ghatam tone. Do you use any special MIDI plugins? Which s/w you use for mixing? .
    Just felt that some vocal compressors could have been used to bring out the voices to match with the instruments track.
    Overall a very nice presentation.


  3. Thanks Sudhathee.

    Ganesh : thanks. The indian tones are available as a package with Swarshala. you can purchase them at

  4. Hi Murali
    Hansdhwani is a raag close to my heart, so couldn't stop myself from hearing it. Beautiful!
    What I liked most is the very sweet orchestration of the song. Very sweet indeed.
    Felt like singing.

  5. Thanks bijayashree. That's nice of you.

  6. Love it.. :) as usual..