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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ooradangum SaamaththilE - Meera and Sindhuja

Song : Ooradangum SaamaththilE
Movie: Pudhuppatti ponnuthaayi
Singers : Swarnalatha, Uma Ramanan
Composer : Ilaiyaraja

Performed by : Sindhuja Bhaktavatsalam, Meera Manohar
Karaoke by : Murali Venkatraman

Ooradangum saamathilae | Music Upload

It is a regularity for IR to produce songs of high melodic strength in movies that have the least probability to survive for even three days after their release. Some excellent examples include:

1. Songs from Eeravizihi kaaviyangaL (this was released in the morning and ran successfully till afternoon)
2. Songs from Koyil puRa
3. Geetham Sangeetham from Kokkarakko
4. siruponmaNi asaiyum from some sudhakar movie

Pudhuppati Ponnuthaayi - was another movie which he chose to lavish with some great numbers. Two of those numbers include : Ooradangum and azagaana nam paaNdi naattinilE. Swarnalatha was absolutely velvety in her vocals in Ooradangum and this received a lot of air time in the TV (apparently and mistakenly christened as a Midnight-Masala song although it had nothing masala about it). It was featured in dhool:

I had been thinking of bringing some of my favorite blog singers together for some of my compositions. But then I remembered that this Ilaiyaraja song was an easy number to make a karaoke for. Once I had made the Karaoke, I sent it to Meera (a self-procalimed Swarnalatha aficionado :) ) and Sindhu to see if they could sing and they did.

It was really awesome to listen to both their voices with equal singing importance. Look for some very good expressions by Meera ("thoongaama vaadurEne") and Sindhu ("karpooramaattam urugi urugi"). I do believe that many of the blog singers are serious contenders for professional recordings. And Meera and Sindhu, are certainly among those strong contenders. Please let us know how you all feel about it.