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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A rapturous weekend

How would you feel if too many good things happened over a weekend ?! Happy and Tired and..may be sick !

That is what happened to me last weekend.
  1. Raja Govindarajan (rajaG or G) - my long time friend from Kansas and Narayanan - an old alumnus from University of South Carlina joined hands together in the Bay Area to give a telugu concert
  2. I was meeting Narayanan after 8 years !!
  3. Went to Nara and G's practice session on Friday where I met Kishmu who I have known for 6+ years but have never met. We have had so many discussions online ! It was wonderful to meet him personally.
  4. Ended up singing "track" for G for Vidhata talapuna just for fun
  5. It was even more wonderful to have him play some background for me and G to sing some songs like NinaivO oru paRavai where there were some voice overs. Note this was a leisurely singing after the in jamming !
  6. Met Vamshi - a good singer with a penchant for high pitched songs and a friend of Nara. On his insistence, sang a composition of mine.
  7. Came to know that Guitarist Krish was the brother of Raghu Tangirala - a common friend of Udhaya and me - who composes !
  8. Bala - my DAV classmate and a close bud was supposed to pick me up from the practice session and his tyre burst !
  9. I ended up going to Nara's place with Vamshi where we had a lively discussion about singing Aye ajnabi - a song that Vamshi wanted to give Mahesh Shankar - a budding music director in Telugu Films.
  10. All of us packed up and headed to Vamshi's house where we chatted about music till 3:30 am !
  11. Got up late only to be notified by Bala that a certain Mahesh Shankar - who happened to be cousin of Arthi - Bala's wife - was waiting to join them for a hike in the mountains !
  12. That was a coincidence ! The same Mahesh Shankar who I was talking about the previous night with Vamshi!
  13. Before we could reach Vamshi's place, Bala's car breathed its final and Mahesh picked us up. We deposited the car in the garage and headed off to Mahesh's home with the hiking programme cancelled.
  14. Came to know Mahesh was a very good friend of Nandu and Ramesh (ya blogswara guys !) who played with me for Aavarthana !!
  15. Mahesh and I sat for a discussion on song making and exchanged thoughts about our philosophy towards music production.
  16. Came to hear Meera's and Nara's recordings for Mahesh and many other songs that Mahesh had composed. Shared some of mine !
  17. Mahesh and I decided we should look forward to meet for many times before I leave for australia.
  18. Landed in aavakkai programme an hour late only to be apprised I did not miss anything due to the unexpected long lecture by Sirivennala
  19. Had a lot of backstage conversations with singers and musicians during the break and ended up leaving the auditorium at 12:30 with G and BB.
  20. Went straight to a Dennis and had some pancakes and omlettes to appease the appetite and headed to BB's place
  21. It was rollicking fun with G at his panning best. Cannot divulge it all here :)
  22. The snoring or roaring of G made my sleep impossible and could catch only 4 hrs of sleep before which I was woken up and was asked to sing with G. You can see how disheveled I look in this video. Sang "enakkoru kaadhali irukkindraaL" imitating the voice of MSV.

  23. Went to Meera's son Ayush's Birthday party and met tons of ppl.
Finally ended up with a severe cold and fever. And could not go to the office on Monday !!