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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Congaree Shlokam - With Professor Sethuraman

Song : Congaree Jala
Singer : Murali Venkatraman
Lyrics: Prof Sethuraman
Composition : Murali Venkatraman
Genre : Bhajans

Congaree Shlokam - With Professor Sethuraman | Upload Music

Although I have not been posting any song here frequently, I have been very active musically. Enriching discussions with many musicians have been polishing me. Have met with some good music friends and made some more online. The music circle has been expanding and sometimes I wonder if it going beyond my memory.

Columbia Hindu Temple has been a symbol of hindu harmony. Northern and Southern hinduism blended seamlessly with people coming together and helping each other for many festivals. PraaN PRathisthta of Shiva was one such big festival for which unprecedented number of people came all over from distant places to witness the deity being installed.

Shiva and Vishnu have devotees all over India. Prof. Sethuraman of USC, a prolific writer wrote the following shlokam on the residing Shiva deity by including references to Congaree and Saluda rivers for which he had asked me to compose music. This is a simplified version of a much more complex arrangement that will be released later. This clip contains only my voice supported by a background shruthi.


  1. Thanks for that post, Murali! It has been so long since I saw one in your blog and I was slowly beginning to memorise some of your older posts by repeated readings :)

    About this sloka...
    Hats off to Prof. Sethuraman! Beautiful choice of tune!
    Can't wait to hear the entire creation! Hope we won't need to wait long for it! :)

    All the best!

  2. awesome work murali.. keep giving us some more lovely songs....

  3. Murali,

    Your voice sounds amazing, great piece!


  4. Good one, Murali..really wish our Greensboro Hindu Center can benefit from your talent and devotion!
    Speaking of Columbia, I am sure you know Uma and Ramanan (now in Houston??) We have met them couple times at a friend's place for music gatherings :) Keep it up..liked the track in a track..hope to hear more..

  5. Very nice work Muralichetta... Loved it, is full of devotion. Waiting for the bigger one... :-)

  6. Shriram8:46 AM

    Murali! Nice piece.... does Prof. Sethuraman publish his lyrics on a separate blog?

  7. Nice work. Is this going to be a male duet or female duet? :-)

  8. Very nice to hear your voice afer a long time.. As you also said, the beginning of your composition , posted here,is too good. "Any thing well begun is as good as half done" . I am eager to hear the rest of your composition.. I am sure it will also be splendid..if this trailer ia any indication...

    Keep it up and keep updating me about your newer posts..

  9. Very nice Murali.Cant wait to hear the entire composition.


  10. Neat work. Very pleasant to hear. Would love to hear in full.

  11. Very nice work :)

  12. created a divine mood ! Great work..

  13. very soothing.
    excellent presentation Murali.
    All the best.

  14. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Excellent work!Waiting to hear the entire composition.:)

  15. Murali -

    I missed this one... liked it.. Good to hear your voice after a long time

    - Good wishes, Sandhya

  16. Comments on Congaree Shlokam - With Professor Sethuraman (11)
    Kumaran said

    This was divine, Murali. Very nice arrangement.

    Krishnan N v said

    Hi Murali

    Very nice to hear your voice after a long time.. This being a simplified version, I am very eager to hear the complete version of your composition.. I am sure it will also be splendid..if this trailer is any indication…

    Keep it up

    N V K
    ENVEEK - In my “Second Innings”. Please listen to My latest

    Dhiraj Barla said

    Very good Murali. Cant wait to hear the entire composition :-). Hope you finish the final version soon…

    Radhakrishnan Nair said

    Hi Murali,

    That was really great. Waiting eagerly for the final version.

    Tara Balakrishnan said

    Hey Murali

    Sounds very nice. except at first chandra sekara… is in proper struthi?? i may be wrong. was that suppose to be the same way u sing the chorus at the end (last chandra shekara?) Inia loves the tune and she sings along :-)

    Murali Venkatraman said

    yes. It is in proper shruthi. It is something similar to a kanakangi prayogam. r2 r1 sa. The last one is not the same. Ther eis only r1. Nice to know ur daughter likes it !

    Adn thanks to all who have taken their time.

    Tara Balakrishnan said

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Sudhathee Sriram said

    Beautiful..and ur voice is enchanting.
    Well..i dont know much abt the am not able to comment much on that!
    all i can say is it sounds divine!
    Looking forward for the final version Murali:)

    Srinivasan S said

    nice to hear dis murali.tension goes out of my mi
    nd.expecting more 4rom u murali,all d best.

    Ramya Harish said

    hi murali, that gave a divine feeling.. nice to listen to sumthing diff like this here.. keep thm coming
    Posted 8 months ago

    Maruthi Nambi said

    good one murali It was so filling , nagabushana nagajapriya …that part was unexpected melodic enhancement for any seasoned listener ….. that part should have come to you as spontaneous, if it didnt you should have been screwing your head for days. Nice and post more of your stuff Murali
    Posted 8 months ago