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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Kudos Kaumudee ! Thank you Ayush !

With Kaumudee

With Ayush - Meera's son at Kaumudee's concert.

Ayush silencing me in a humbling gesture of affection .

Audio bloggers may be familiar with Kaumudee Torsekar. Kaumudee and I have been friends for almost 7 years and the first chance to meet Kaumudee happened to be at R. D. Burman Show in the Bay Area and what a show it was ! Kaumu stood out as an outstanding talent among the singers and Kishmu and Nagaraj amped up with theri brilliant keyboard play.

Some of the songs Kaumu sang included "Aaja ..aah aha aaja" and "Monica my darling". I can confidently say that off all the singer friends I have seen till date on stage, Kaumu was the most outstanding in all aspects. Choice of song, expressiveness, staying tuned in shruti and presenting the song with the energy that the song originally intended to have. Meera' family and I were in the audience and both Meera and I were clapping so much that our palms started feeling the heat. Although the other singers did a reasonable job, I preferred babysitting Ayush when they sang and certainly that was infinitely more exciting :)

Kaumu - You are a star and I am honored to be your friend !