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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jashn-e-Bahara - Muzumadhi

Song : Muzumadhi avaLAdhu
Movie: Jodha Akbar

: Srinivas
Composer : A. R. Rehman

Performed by : Murali Venkatraman

Jashn-e-Bahara - tamil - Muzumadhi | Music Upload

This song delivered in Hindi by Javed Khan was beautifully re-rendered by Pradip and from the day I heard it, I had the irrepressible urge to sing. I have heard many attempt the hindi version whereas the Tamil version was seemingly untried by many blog singers. I vaguely remember Santhosh Hariaharan singing it.

One of the beautiful qualities in a Srinivas rendition is the consistency in expression and enunciation, whatever language it may be. His voice is tailor-made for songs like these and I have always enjoyed singing his songs with a little imaginative twist of my own since he is a singer who inspires the neurons in me. Not many singers can boast of being able to sing songs that embrace the listener as does a cool breeze on a hot day - gentle, unexpected and irresistible once it starts.

The song is a mixed bag in terms of lyrics. It has some stunning lines like:

ஒரு கரையாக அவள் இருக்க
மறு கரையாக நான் இருக்க
இடையில் தனிமை தளும்புதே நதியாய்

But lines like:

மார்கழி மாதத்துப் பனித்துளி அவளது குரலாகும்

do not make any sense. Apart from that, there were some metric issues (maargazi maadhaththup panithuLi is like biting and chewing..whereas maargazi maadhap paniththuLi would be just right)

Hence I asked Udhaya to write an alternate set of lyrics. His lines dripped poetry and I plan to sing them in another post. For now, please let me know how this rendition of mine is..