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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jashn-e-Bahara - Muzumadhi

Song : Muzumadhi avaLAdhu
Movie: Jodha Akbar

: Srinivas
Composer : A. R. Rehman

Performed by : Murali Venkatraman

Jashn-e-Bahara - tamil - Muzumadhi | Music Upload

This song delivered in Hindi by Javed Khan was beautifully re-rendered by Pradip and from the day I heard it, I had the irrepressible urge to sing. I have heard many attempt the hindi version whereas the Tamil version was seemingly untried by many blog singers. I vaguely remember Santhosh Hariaharan singing it.

One of the beautiful qualities in a Srinivas rendition is the consistency in expression and enunciation, whatever language it may be. His voice is tailor-made for songs like these and I have always enjoyed singing his songs with a little imaginative twist of my own since he is a singer who inspires the neurons in me. Not many singers can boast of being able to sing songs that embrace the listener as does a cool breeze on a hot day - gentle, unexpected and irresistible once it starts.

The song is a mixed bag in terms of lyrics. It has some stunning lines like:

ஒரு கரையாக அவள் இருக்க
மறு கரையாக நான் இருக்க
இடையில் தனிமை தளும்புதே நதியாய்

But lines like:

மார்கழி மாதத்துப் பனித்துளி அவளது குரலாகும்

do not make any sense. Apart from that, there were some metric issues (maargazi maadhaththup panithuLi is like biting and chewing..whereas maargazi maadhap paniththuLi would be just right)

Hence I asked Udhaya to write an alternate set of lyrics. His lines dripped poetry and I plan to sing them in another post. For now, please let me know how this rendition of mine is..


  1. Nalini7:30 PM


    This is one of my favorites, it is nice you attempted it finally.

    மார்கழி மாதத்துப் பனித்துளி அவளது குரலாகும் does make sense to me. Poet is comparing her voice to Margazhi month's dew drops, which authenticates refreshing quality.

  2. Wow! I think this is one of your best renditions. Voice is flawless and the light instrumentation makes your voice stand out.

    Great effort.

  3. hey murali,

    for some reason i hv never really liked this song ..the hindi version. never knew it had a tamil original! (am sure it is??)
    i am not surprised i like the tamil version..somehow i like ARR compositions in tamil more than the hindi..but that's just me :)
    much as i know a little bit of offence, the "pattar" tamil, the lyrics of this song went over my head :-D liked ur rendition tho' :-)

  4. mind blowing.. keep it up

  5. Excellent Murali.. I didn't hear the original version. Does this song sound like "Oru Poiyaavathu sol kanne" from the movie Jodi ?

  6. Thanks all.


    I tried that interpretation. somehow it did not make much of an impact !




    That is strange. I have foudn both hindi and tamil songs of ARR equally sweet (unless some signers screw one of the versions up). Pattar tamil is highly sanskritized :)

    Laks: Thanks


    Thanks. But I think this song resembles two old songs :

    1. Roja malare raja kumari
    2. Neelak kadalin Oraththil

  7. Beautiful work done by you Murali :) Even I never knew this song had a Tamil version. Thanx for doing this one. Even the mixing is top notch. Keep up the good work man :)

  8. Murali -

    Like everybody said, I didnt know there was a Tamil version.
    Nice attempt :)

    - Sandhya

  9. Ishwarryah10:10 AM

    Beautiful.. You should try in Hindi..

  10. Dear Murali,

    This is the first time I am hearin the Tamil version..U ahve sung awesome...

    However, ARR songs have a speciality, I donno if everybody has the same exp. If u hear the Tamil version of a song first u cannot give a better rating to the HIndi version and vice versa..I ove the Hindi version more..But u have sung extraordinarily..I shud say!!!

  11. Comments on Jashn-e-Bahara - tamil - Muzumadhi (23) from Muziboo Users
    Ramya Harish said

    Hi Murali, happy to listen to ur tamil version .. ur clarity of lyrics is superb.. good job.. waiting to listen to alternate lyrics..
    Posted 4 months ago | Permalink
    Rashmi Nair said

    Your voice is very soft and soothing which is apt for the mood and meaning of this song.
    Good job Murali


    Please listen to Gopika Vasantham
    Posted 4 months ago | Permalink
    Dhiraj Barla said

    Kewl man, loved it.
    Posted 4 months ago | Permalink
    Roshni said

    thats a good one, very soothing.
    didnt know this song had a tamil version too, i’ve heard the hindi/telugu versions. check out srinivas’s ‘Aamani Ruthuve”.
    Best Regards,
    Posted 4 months ago | Permalink
    George Kuruvilla said

    Good job Murali. Enjoyed this version. I liked the way you transitioned into falsettos. Nice work!
    Join the discussion on Artist Self Assessment
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    Posted 4 months ago | Permalink
    Srinivasan S said

    Professional singing murali.Its very tough to sing
    in tamil n u have made it.One of ma fav songs of s
    hrini-Rahman combination.I really enjoyed it.Thanx
    4 singing brother.
    Posted 4 months ago | Permalink
    Srividya Kasturi said

    Listening to ur voice after a long time, Murali:) Your voice suited this song very much! Thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Tamil version.
    Posted 4 months ago | Permalink
    Arvind R said

    Awesome Murali!. Suited your voice very well and you have sung it with great care .. Kudos!. It reminded me of that SPB song “Neela Kuyilgal Rendu” and I started humming that after listening to this song. Your voice is soothing and honey dripping. Just like no two finger-prints are the same no two voices can be the same .. and I am grateful to Mother Creation for being able to hear so many lovely songs here sung by good singers like yourself. Keep them coming!. Cheers.
    Posted 4 months ago | Permalink
    Meera Manohar said

    Nice pick for your voice, softness & rendition is good.

    Couldn’t resist noting your improv on “Oh ho” at the end of the pallavi :) By chance are Oru karaiyaaga/aruginilirundhaal- top note a little off?

    Now comes special mention :D
    1.kasandhadhu nimidam/mounathil nindraen—well done

    Kudos, your post after quite a while I should say!

  12. Sriram_recent1
    Sriram Srinivasan said


    This presentation is very impressive. You have the advantage of excellent sensibility for the lyrics. May be that is why there is an additional flavor when expressed thro’ your soft and silky voice.

    My appreciations to the lyricist UDHAYA for his wonderful work.

    Posted 4 months ago | Permalink
    Murali Venkatraman said

    @ Ramya: Thanks. Problem is finding time for it.

    @Rashmi, Subramanian K, Roshni, Srinivasan, : Thanks.

    @dhiraj : Probably u should try the telugu version that roshni suggests.

    @George : I don’t have a range similar to yours. So, have to resort to falsettos in extrmeely high notes :)

    @Aravind: Thanks and I empathize with your feelings about the various voices in nature.

    @Meera: Thanks ! sincerely I could not find any off-note in the high landings. May be it missed my ear. Ya..some improvs like oh-ho were done :) Glad you enjoyed the exressions in the lines u mentioned.
    Posted 4 months ago | Permalink
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    Kumar Srinivasan said

    Nice rendition Murali. I liked this. Felt a very slight pitching issue at the highest note.

    Posted 4 months ago | Permalink
    Murali Venkatraman said

    @Sriram : Thanks. But these were not written by Udhaya. Udhaya’s lyrics will be sung later.

    @kumar : Thanks for the feedback.
    Posted 4 months ago | Permalink
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    Smitha Passanha said

    Very beautifully sung Murali. Have not heard the Tamil version before. Please post more often :-)

    - Smitha

    Do listen to Thode Badmaash

    My Blog
    Posted 4 months ago | Permalink
    Susheil Kumar said

    beautiful singing murali..have heard many song of urs from your blog. good to see you on muziboo..

    keep em coming

    Posted 3 months ago | Permalink
    Sushane Shankar said

    wow….. beautiful….. Luvly singing…...

    Posted 3 months ago | Permalink
    Mohammed Ashraf said

    Murali..very nice to hear soft voice, which is quite apt for this song.

    Pls post more songs.

    ASHRAF -Riyadh

    Posted 3 months ago | Permalink
    Rakesh Baro said

    Hi Murali,
    I didnt know this song had a tamil version too :) seems hindi version is softer than tamil version…
    We tend to sing soft songs in a controlled manner but I have heard Udit Narayan , Kishoreji, Rafi saab singing soft songs with openthroated if you could do that it would sound lot better…but then we need to have the voice quality to pull that off …

    Posted 2 months ago | Permalink
    Rajesh Raman said

    Very Soft and soothing rendition.. This is one among your best!

    Keep Singing!
    Rajesh Raman

    Posted 2 months ago | Permalink
    Radhakrishnan Nair said

    Nice soothing rendtion Murli.
    Keep it up!
    Posted 2 months ago | Permalink
    Barani krishnan Venkataraman said

    Hey Murali… Very good singing… I jus love the feeling which your voice adds to the song.. Good job … I ve got the Audacity information from your blog only.. Thanks for that .. Besides, Can you send this jashn-e-bahara karaoke to me. My mail id is Thanks in advance….
    Posted about 1 month ago | Permalink
    Murali Venkatraman said

    @Smitha, Susheil, Sushane and Ashraf:
    Thanks !

    It is true that openthroated voice may sometime deter the melody although it depends entirely on teh singer and the way he expresses. I have always tried to sing open, but the fact is that my voice is a bit softer in tone and it sounds as if I am singing from falsetto.

    Thanks. Looking forward to working with you.

    Thanks !

    thanks barani. This karaoke should be easily available on the web. I shall dig up my files to send you this.
    Posted about 1 month ago | Permalink
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    Supratim Das said

    fantastic and very soothing…though haven’t understood a word!
    Posted 25 days ago | Permalink

  13. Hi Murali..Really your voice is superb..Where Can I get this voice free karaoke

  14. Hi KVB,

    There are some websites where you can download karaoke tracks. One is