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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Anbendra Mazaiyile - Sindhuja Bhaktavatsalam and Rashmi Nair

Song : Anbendra Mazaiyile
Composer : A.R.Rehman
Singer : Anuradha Shriram
Movie : Minsaara kanavu
Lyrics : Vairamuththu

Karaoke By : Murali Venkatraman
Performed by :
Sindhuja Bhaktavatsalam, Rashmi Nair
Mixed By : Meera Manohar

Anbendra Mazhayile (Tamil Cover) Duet with Sindhuja | Music Upload

It is a heartwarming confluence of artists weaving a web of religious harmony. Although not very apparent. A.R. Rehman a muslim, teamed up with Vairamuthu - a non-believer, to give Anuradha Shriram - hindu to sing a beautiful christian devotional. The lilting flute of Naveen with the powerful lyrics of Vairamuththu has made this song an everlasting melody to cherish.

Another song, which I felt was a little easy to make a simple karaoke for. And to double the beauty of this song, I thought it would be nice to have two beautiful voices instead of just one. Sindhuja and Rashmi have done a great job in rendition and Meera - christened Mixie Mami by anup - has helped their voices sound great.

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