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Monday, August 03, 2009

Mother's Choice - 2 - SaagarangaLE

Song : SaagarangaLE
Composer : Bombay Ravi
Lyrics : Yousuf Ali Kachery
Singers : K.J.Yesudas
Movie : Panchagni

Performed by :
Murali Venkatraman
Mixed by : Meera Manohar

I had written a bit about composer Bombay Ravi in dhool a while back : . He transitioned beautifully from Hindi to Malayalam in the 80s. And this was made possible by the director Hariharan who made some beautiful movies like Panchagni. Although I got to see the movie much later after it was made, I was really moved by the story line and the brilliant performances. And the music - 2 songs - SaagarangaLE and aa raatri maanju pOyi were just absolutely wonderful melodies enshrining the voices of Yesudas and Chitra individually.

This is the second song in the series of the songs that my mom has requested me to sing. Hope you like it. Meera helped mixing this so well. I think it may not be wrong to call her Mixer Meera ( a la Simxer Sidhu) :)

And ya..Sindhu, to your exasperation - another Sudhdha dhanyaasi number :)