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Monday, August 17, 2009

Mother's Choice - 3 - Nakshatra DeepangaL

Song : Nakshatra DeepangaL
Composer : Jaya-Vijaya
Singer : K.J.Yesudas
Movie : Nirakudam

Performed by :
Murali Venkatraman

It is sometimes difficult to understand how an artist feels. If you ask Ilaiyaraja or M.S. Vishwanathan, they would swear and say that they would like to be remembered as composers and not as singers. I woudl guess the same with Rehman. These people are amazing creators and they pride themselves in their creations. The sense of producing something new, unique and unprecedented drives them hard towards music.

And then there are people like Sharath who probably want to be remembered as both great singers and composers. I have belabored over Sharath's composing abilities in quite a few articles. However, if people had heard his "bhavayami" from a recent film, they would also understand how great a singer he is. His drive to perform beyond human reason is unmitigated.

But there are some like Jayan-Vijayan - the gifted twin duo who also are pupils of Balamuralikrishna similar to Sharath, who would like to be remembered for their singing only and not their songs. However it is hard not to remember them when a song of Nakshatra DeepangaL's quality comes afore. Its splendiferous tune with a brilliant orchestration delivered by a simmering Yesudas. I have no idea how this is picturized in the movie, but it is one of those songs which KJY sings occasionally in his carnatic concerts as a tribute to this great composer duo. Please find more info on Jayan-Vijayan here :

In my school days when I learnt Bharatanatyam at my Mom's insistence, I had danced on this song a couple of times on stage. As I grew, my inherent reluctance to dance grew but the songs that I danced for stayed in mind. Needless to say my mom introduced me to these gems as she was preparing me for those dances. And now recognizing that her daughter is dancing well, she urged me to check if I could produce any worth singing this song.

You may let me know if there is any.

Thanks to Roshni for sending me this track out of her own volition after correctly guessing that I will be interested in it.