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Friday, December 11, 2009

Transition from Solo to Duet - Nee Paarththa Paarvaikku Nandri

Song : Nee Paarththa
Composer : Ilaiyaraja
Lyricist : Kamalhaasan
Originally sung by : Asha Bhosle, Hariharan
Movie : Hey

: Tara Balakrishnan,
Murali Venkatraman
Mixing : M

Transition from Solo to Duet - Nee Paarththa Paarvaikku Nandri | Music Upload

When a Tamil guy meets a bengali girl and the inevitable love blossoms, music (and english) seem to set bridges of communication. While, "Nee paarththa paarvaikku" stands singularly as a masterpiece of Raja, the couple seem to have forgotten the world around them and seem to be consumed by an enraptured entanglement of affection. The melody as it slips like water droplets on the lotus leaves, seems to embody this private conversation where the language is, as it occurs, often absent. With a hug here and a brush there, the song allows the couple to savor the nectar of love as the procession of notes is played as a simplified version on a broken piano.

Wait.. simplified version ? Broken Piano ?

Sorry. I was not describing the scene in the movie Hey Ram, but was describing one of yours truly. And so who be the lady, you may wonder. Well, the lady is multi-talented with postgraduate degrees in two fields - Statistics and Dance with a PhD in statistics. A Gorgeous dancer with a record 24 years of experience performing and teaching, an invited presenter at the school of arts, University of South Carolina, a rank holder in MSc statistics in Bombay university, second ranker in the PhD qualifiers in USC - her list of laurels seem to evolve naturally due to her flair for both the subjects. Her arrival in my life is like a million dollar CEO package except that she the package receiver is no CEO, but at the best a research clerk who struggles to understand the immensity of the fortune.

I found her in a stroke of artistic destiny almost 5 years back when we met in an Indian Students association function. The ignition and the subsequent flame are culminating today in the holy fire (havan) of our marriage with all the blessings of our families and friends in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

When she met me, I was into a period of academic and personal vegetation - the nadir of my life. Music was the only reason I was breathing, however it was after Lalita's arrival that I started finding my roots of life back. I collected myself, finished my PhD and she was singularly responsible for my reversal. And for that singular great gesture where she reintroduced myself to me, charging me up with the love and hope that I needed to build my life on, I will remain indebted to her till my last breath.

And to her this song is dedicated. To Lalita Das

Thank you Lalita for:
  1. adding a dash of color on the greyscale map that my life was

  2. the memories of many lunchtimes with the broken piano at the Dept of Statistics, University of South Carolina where in spite of my minimal playing abilities u were a patient listener

  3. believing me despite the utterly bitter physical separation that we endured over the past 2 years where our relation, endurance and affection were tested

  4. all the unconditional love that you have extended right from seeing my PhD through to making me a better person. ever indebted.

  5. the countless number of other things and moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life with you

And our invitation to our friends read:


Transition from Solo to Duet

Statistical Thermodynamics warns : The "free energy of mixture" of two ideal single components, is always less than the sum of the "free energies" of the two individual components.

Recognizing and reconciling to this, We - Lalita Das and Murali Venkatraman, at the expense of our free energies, enter the wedlock on Dec 11, in Raleigh NC.

Through this concerted effort, we seek to alter our current status of singular monotony and enter a more purposeful state of binary bliss. We strongly and happily seek the catalytic presence of you and your family towards our marital equilibrium.


More on the marriage later with updates on how many singer friends made it enjoyable and memorable.