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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Aruvi Kooda Jathi Illaamal - With Pradip

Song : Aruvi Kooda Jathi ilaamal
Composer : Iniyavan
Originally sung by
K. J. Yesudas, S. P. Balasubramaniyam,
Movie : Gowri Manohari

Arranged by :
Murali Venkatraman
Singers: Pradip Somasundaran, Murali Venkatraman
Mixing : Pradip Somasundaran

Aruvi kooda Jathi - with Pradip Somasundaran | Music Upload

This song is one of those rare songs in which two giants of south indian music shook hands vigorously and interlaced their voices seamlessly. Yesudas assumes the role of a classically trained singer competing with SPB who represents a lay person singing out of "kELvi jnaanam". The argument is built well through the lyrics, reaches a crescendo and ends in KJY accepting that kELvi jnaanam is sufficient.

However that is a tale of KJY and SPB. Here it is one of Pradip and Murali. Hence, the end result is different. Here Pradip has managed to impress on me how much classical training is important.

Can thunder sing a melody ?

If you want answer for this question you must listen to Pradip in this song. In what seems to have been the most melodious lion’s roar I have heard till date, Pradip has used his commanding voice to send a chill down the spines of lesser singers like yours truly. In what has been my long standing ambitious desire to collaborate with Pradip on some male duets, I have been made to realize how much I lack emphasis in my singing. And Pradip in his own inimitable and warm hearted way did not “tell” me this, but just sang his portion in such a way that I just sat dumbstruck wondering what I should do.