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Friday, November 11, 2011

SooraavaLiyil - சூறாவளியில் - A semi-classical

Song : SooraavaLiyil -  சூறாவளியில்
Singers : Unnikrishnan KB, Murali Venkatraman
Composed By : Murali Venkatraman
Orchestration and Mixing : Sibu Sukumaran 
Special thanks : Rahul Soman


சலதி உலகத்தில் சராசரங்களை ஈன்ற தாய் ஆகில்,
     எனக்குத் தாய் அல்லவோ? யான் உன் மைந்தன் அன்றோ?
     எனது சஞ்சலம் தீர்த்து, நின்றன்
முலை சுரந்து ஒழுகு பால் ஊட்டி, என் முகத்தை உன்
     முந்தானையால் துடைத்து, மொழிகின்ற மழலைக்கு
     உகந்துகொண்டு, இள நிலா முறுவல் இன்புற்று, அருகில் யான்
குலவி விளையாடல் கொண்டு, அருள் மழை பொழிந்து,
     அங்கை கொட்டி, வா என்று அழைத்துக்,
     குஞ்சர முகன், கந்தனுக்கு இளையன் என்று எனைக்

     கூறினால், ஈனம் உண்டோ?

-அபிராமி பட்டர் அருளிய "அபிராமி அம்மைப் பதிகம்" 


கடல் சூழ்ந்த உலகினை ஈன்ற தாய் நீ தான் என்றால் , எனக்கும் நீ தாய் அல்லவோ ?  நான் உன் மகன் அல்லவோ ?  எனது மனதின் இடர்களை நீக்கி, உன் அன்பெனும்தாய்ப்பாலைச் சுரந்து, வேலன் மற்றும் வினாயகனுக்கு நான் இளையவன் என்று என்னைக் கருதி விளையாட்டுக் காட்டக் கூடாதா ?  அதில் என்ன குறைந்துவிடப் போகிறது ?

 If you are the great mother who created this world with seas all around, are you not my my mother as well ?  Am I not your son ?  Why would you not feed me your love? Would considering me as a younger sibling of both Karthik and Ganesh and playing with me belittle your reputation ? 

Abirami Bhattar was a poet and devi upasaka.  His unshakable bhakti towards Devi can be compared with Meera's towards Krishna although unlike Meera Abirami Bhattar considered himself to be a child of Devi.  In that state of mind he composed many devotional hymns many of which have been tuned and sung by carnatic experts.

My inspiration for the song comes mainly from the imaginary dialogue he had with Devi.  I usually like to write songs as a dialogue with certain deep emotion rather than calling the God by a bunch of names.  In fact, that is how a prayer generally is - highly personalized.  Thus I have conceived a situation similar to that imagined by Abhirami Bhattar and have composed the song which I present today.  This was written by me in a language much simpler than Abirami Bhattar's language.

While Abhirami may be referring to an invisible Mother, the undercurrent of love expressed in poem can easily invoke the thoughts of our own mothers and their affection thus enabling a strong connection with the poem.  Similarly all gopika-radha-krishna themed songs have wonderful undercurrent of love and flirting that they can be enjoyed even by non-religious people.

This song was composed in Sep 2005. Orchestration started in Dec 2010 by Sibu who was introduced to me by Rahul Soman to whom I owe a special thanks.  Sibu has been wonderful in helping me arrange some of my songs which will otherwise never see the light of the day since the pace of my orchestration is severely hampered by my professional commitments.

Unni has really taken pains to learn this song well and has rendered it with utmost sincerity. As we were making the song, he also got married and he sill found some clever way to continue his music :) Wishing him a bright singing future and a happy married life.

A translation of the lyrics is available in the youtube video above.  Please feel free to comment and let us know how you liked it.


சூறாவளியில்  சுற்றும்  இலைபோல்
மனமே  கலங்கின்  வருவாய்  நீயே


குன்றின்  வேலனை  ஈன்றவள்  நீயே
குழந்தை வேழனை  தந்தவள்  நீயே
அன்னார்க்கு  மட்டும்  தான் அம்மா நீ தாயோ ?
என்னைப் போன்றவர்க்கும் கருணை தாராயோ ?

சரணம் :

வெள்ளி  மலையில்  நாத  வேதம்  பல  முழங்க
அமர்கின்றாய் அருள்  தருகின்றாய்
கண்ணிலே நீர் வடியும் காண்கையிலே - மனப்
புண்ணின் வலி குறையும் உன் சொல்லிலே

என் தாயாகி நின்ற பெருந்தேவி
எனை எடு நீ அம்மா
எனை எடு நீ ஒரு குழந்தையைப் போலே
என் அறியாமையை நீ அன்பாலே மாற்று


  1. Excellent Murali...Good One....

  2. Thanks Anandha ! Its been long man !

  3. After a gap again.. very much touching!

  4. By far, THE best original I have heard from your stable, Murali.

    Both of you did a great job at this, although flow wise, IMO, you took an edge over KB. And I do see your point about him not having sung classical in a long time. From a mix standpoint, thought your natural tone was lost ( as in your voice is naturally more bassier), this was way sharper than normal. KB’s voice on the other hand was not as bright as yours, although it had the right amount of base, which is his natural tone as well. That I thought would have made the mix slightly better.

    Murali—Your flow was absolutely delectable, sangathis fell exactly where it was meant to, and the ease of delivery was fab. And it is even more impressive given your almost non-existent classical background, learning wise!
    KB-your emotions were spot on, and I really loved the way you intonated words to give that required bhaavam. Kudos!!

    Felt the tones chosen for the orchestration could have been revisited, but then totally see your 7 long years and going back/forth thing. So nitpicks apart, brilliant composition, very enjoyable with the right dose of challenges. I might end up covering this as a solo sometime :)


  5. How do I congratulate you? Again?
    Lovely piece Murali. Congrats to you and your team.
    Can you do it with live instruments next?

  6. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Good one Murali, Unni and team.
    - Uthra

  7. Very nice composition! Excellent singing by Unni and Murali. Thanks for posting the meaning also...I shared it with some of my friends who knows Tamil, they too liked it...Keep up the good work.

  8. Anonymous3:41 AM

    Great work Murali. Keep it up... This is Prasad(B.K.V's son from MAA)

  9. excellent composition and rendering... .. i liked the chords.. especially veena bits... was very good...

    could you please tell me as to raaga on which this has been composed.. as i am not very well versed with carnatic raagas as such...

    some sangadhis. were very good..

  10. excellent rendition.. by both.. good composition .. l liked the chords used... especially the veena bits...

    could you please tell me as to the raaga on which the song has been composed.. as i am not very well versed in carnatic ... music as such...

    i also loved your blog on sharreth... who i think is one of the best composers of modern times.. and its a pity that people like dont get enough chances... to show is prowness..

  11. excellent composition and rendering... .. i liked the chords.. especially veena bits... was very good...

    could you please tell me as to raaga on which this has been composed.. as i am not very well versed with carnatic raagas as such...

    some sangadhis. were very good..

  12. Sharms : Thanks for the feedback. It is in ragam shaNmukhapriya.