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Sunday, February 01, 2015

Baharon Ko Chaman - A cover version

Song: Baharon Ko Chaman
Composer - Singer : Ghulam Ali
Genre : Ghazal 

Covered by : Murali Venkatraman

If ghazal is a poetic form which expresses the unrequited love of a platonic being and represents a monologue to one's beloved, the highest form of its human manifestation can be called Ghulam Ali.  There is none who would take a ghazal and present it such that the beloved would feel guilty and possible run into the hands of the forlorn lover.

In here, is a humble attempt to sing one of his signature ghazals - Baharon ko chaman.  The lyrics are reflective and contemplative in content.  Hence the master chooses a simple lilting tune with not many accidentals which could overwhelm the listener.