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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Welcome Sindhuja and Deepika

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Thanks to the amazing power of internet, broadband connections and software power, talent search has become an enormously simplified process. New artists with simple tools can publish their work which soon gets noticed by the tech savvy public easily.

Consider two artists -
Sindhuja and Deepika who I met at TFMPAGE and ORKUT respectively. Both the ladies are intelligent, suave, have academic degrees of importance and most importantly immensely talented singers. It gives me great pleasure to feature them here.



I met Sindhuja at tfmpage where there was a section by name "Raga of the song" (ROS). Along with
Sheela (veeNa artist), Ram and Vijay (my fellow composer) we had a superb time discussing ragas of songs, guided mainly by Sheela. All the afore-mentioned have become close friends over the years and have been interacting as if they are a part of my extended family.

Listen to Sindhu's flawless version of Mausam ke Sargam from Khamoshi here. Her friend Deepthi has joined in this rendition. Please disregard the quality of the recording. She has just started learning the tricks.

Sindhu in her own words:

Hi all,
I'm doing my masters in physics at IIT,Guwahati. Been learning vocal carnatic classical for a long time now. Presently learning from Mrs Lakshmi Raghavan, a student of Charumati Ramachandran. Coming from a family drowned in music, I didnt really have to do much. Thanks to my dad, I've been exposed to carnatic classical music (since he'd listen to it 24 X 7) right from the time I was a toddler I guess! Nevertheless, Indian film music has always been extra special to me, probably intellectually more stimulating. Deepthi has been a great friend of mine for the past 6 years now.She's an MA philosophy student at Central University, Hyderabad.She's musically very sharp, and has just begun to learn carnatic vocal. This experience of singing with her is something I'll always cherish!

Please visit Sindhu at:

and pass your comments.

In orkut, I got a scrap from a young attractive lady appreciating what I have done in my musicblog. Further interaction apprised me of Deepika being the cousin of illustrious
Archana Udupa - the playback singer of repute from Kannada Film industry who also was a winner of Saregama. Although Deepika had claimed in her profile that she is also a singer, and that she idolizes Archana, there was hardly any vocal sample of deepika and I urged her to use the free service of Soundclick. She managed to set up an account and it is not until this song 'silsila' that I considered her as a serious candidate for becoming a great singer. In my opinion, Deepika has a much better tonal quality than Archana since Deepika has a nice base in her voice. Listen to her mindblowing rendition here:

Please visit deepika at