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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Reckless Ramblings - 1 - Kollangudi karuppayi's songs has been a source of constant entertainment and learning. Sometimes new threads would appear from arbitrary surfers who do not have a clue about what the forum is really about. Some surfers unintentionally become the point of humour. I distinctly remember one surfer who started posting new thread titles like "Devi's songs", "surendar's songs" etc..when these guys were neither great not had a lot of film songs to their credit. This irked me a little bit and I started a thread on "kollangudi karuppaayi's songs" and waht followed was a laugh riot :-) (Velaiyaththavan is me)

kollangudi karuppaayi's songs

Topic started by Velaiyaththavan (@ on Tue Mar 14 16:19:20 EST 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

kollangudi karuppaayi sang in aaNpaavam and some more films. Her voice is melodious. She was my school mate at kollangudi.


  • From: ECHO (@ on: Tue Mar 14 16:23:55 EST 2000

    i really love ur sense of humar, MS!

  • From: ECHO (@ on: Tue Mar 14 16:24:35 EST 2000


  • From: California thamizan SL (@ on: Tue Mar 14 16:52:46 EST 2000

    Velaiyaththavan, I expected you to open a thread for me. Ippadi yemaaththatheenga.

  • From: Ganga (@ on: Tue Mar 14 17:03:26 EST 2000

    She was my school mate too!. She was in 10th standard for 4 years and the rumour was they detained her so as to get the State level Singer's cup for the school. I remember Velaiyathavan was caught during the assembly prayer when trying to sneak a love letter to her.

  • From: Kaaveri (@ on: Tue Mar 14 17:04:28 EST 2000

    :::))) Velaiyaththavan, california Thamizhan and Ganga

  • From: Kaaveri (@ on: Tue Mar 14 17:05:58 EST 2000

    paavam hari - he is not done with his "pick List!!!" - romba avasara pattuttel Velaiyaththavan :::)))

  • From: Yamuna (@ on: Tue Mar 14 17:07:00 EST 2000

    MS, yethukku intha maathiri ?

  • From: hesperian_tamizhan (@ on: Tue Mar 14 17:10:27 EST 2000

    is she a mallu?:-)

  • From: ECHO (@ on: Tue Mar 14 17:17:54 EST 2000

    she is a kallu, :)

  • From: Godhavari (@ on: Tue Mar 14 17:23:17 EST 2000

    :::)) ECHO

    Please be serious and list songs - ok?

  • From: Mountain view thamizhachchi (@ on: Tue Mar 14 17:23:33 EST 2000

    Please .... please discuss something worthwhile. What was her natchathiram and rasi ?

  • From: Koovam (@ on: Tue Mar 14 17:27:24 EST 2000

    ROFL - SL ::)))

    Ungalukku idhu thevaya - oorukku pona "Raagam" naalu saaththu saaththum ::))

  • From: ECHO (@ on: Tue Mar 14 17:31:55 EST 2000

    "cinema" natchathiram and "kanni" rasi

  • From: Velaiyaththavan (@ on: Tue Mar 14 18:27:28 EST 2000

    she has sung a classical song too though it has been beautifully given a folksy form by lyricist sudalaimuththu. The highlight of the song is that it had been tuned by B.R.Brahman who has this unusual knack of experimenting with great voices to effect a difference. It is just that he recycled two of his own melodies for this great song:

    poLLaacchi santhaiyilE,pullu vikka pOnavarE
    pullu vikka vakillaama, thinnu puttu vandhavarE
    kaNNukku mai aLagu, kazuthaikku color aLagu
    pullukku green aLagu, poNNukku YOU aLagu.

    ennalE..ada ennalE
    ada engittulE pOrE ?
    sollulE..ada sollulE
    ille muthugula soodu vappE(n)

    raagam: varaagam

    ( NOM to KK. Just a piece of thought)


  • From: ECHO (@ on: Tue Mar 14 19:39:47 EST 2000

    and she has sung more songs too
    a song from beans
    kozhambu ko....zhambu karuvaattu kozhambu
    thinnuttu vaanthiyedukka usa kilambu
    koozhu koozhu koozhu
    vazhu vazhu vazhu

    another one from acha kan(nalla kannu)
    Sonia Sonia soru thinga ponia?
    super song model ennai paaru
    paadalile rendu vagai
    IR undu ARR undu ithile nee entha vagai kooru

    a divine number of padal mosam
    podi tabba.. podi tabba ..
    cant find my podi tabba
    who is that thief? iyyappa

    karuppaayi karuppayi
    dont worry karuppayi
    i'll send u barrel, karuppayi

    and im really worried that she is not singing more songs, latest interview with CNN she was mentioning that she is gonna sue B.R.Brahman for looting her tunes and complaining he had copied her hair style,$100 billion insured, heartlessly.

  • From: Velaiyaththavan (@ on: Tue Mar 14 19:47:20 EST 2000

    sari thaan..koottam sEruthu pOla..vaazga kollangudi !

  • From: Kansasmamavin Marumavan (@ on: Tue Mar 14 19:50:11 EST 2000

    MS, another song.This was a super hit and had a most brilliant pallavi.Each charanam was set to a different tune by the composer IsaiArisi (KK's ghost name). The lyrics were penned by Vairadasan and Kannamuthu. The pallavi goes like this :

    Vaanam neelam
    Sottu neelam Neelam
    un koonthal NeeLam

    Charanam 1 :

    Nee thyan (Madurai style thaan) karuppu
    Sambar-la thu.paruppu
    Nee Indiran thalaiyil pEn (Vairadasan style)
    Yennai paarthu kaNNadippathu yEn

    This was actually set to raag padubore-kauns.

  • From: Information server Sundaram (@ on: Tue Mar 14 20:00:25 EST 2000

    The music composer was MS.Visra-aja-man and he set the song to misra-chaapu.

  • From: Velaiyaththavan (@ on: Tue Mar 14 20:02:25 EST 2000

    news from redeaf:

    Respected writer K.R.Narayanan has announced that he will soon be releasing a story he has written. The theme as per sources is supposed to be based on a native tamil singer who shoots (her husband) to fame through her folksy rhythmic songs. The title of the story is expected to be "kollangudi days" with Mr.Shaker cuppoor sponsoring its release and business. the reviews are already out and have praised it to be one of the finest in literature. The literati concludes that it may win a uppitzer prize.

    more at:

    (once again NOM to KK)

  • From: Thideer kavingyan (@ on: Tue Mar 14 20:17:59 EST 2000

    Charanam 2:
    Yen karuththa machchaan....Yee............
    Female chorus (loo looo loooo loooo loooo)
    Avan katturaan kachchaan
    Naan pOduren sodukku
    Nee pesare Yedakku

    The raaga for this charanam is udayaravimargo.

  • From: IR (@ on: Tue Mar 14 20:34:14 EST 2000

    :::))) SL

  • From: SL (@ on: Tue Mar 14 20:57:23 EST 2000

    IR, Naan oNNume inga ezhuthalaye :)) Anaavasiyamaa yen mele pazhi podatheengo :))

  • From: hari (@ on: Tue Mar 14 21:34:46 EST 2000

    kaaveri where are you from?

  • From: ECHO (@ on: Tue Mar 14 21:46:59 EST 2000

    should be from karnataka, hari.... :)

This is one of the few excerpts that I wish to put in my ramblings section.