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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

SPB in dreams

As usual, another nice dream. Guest of honor in the dream was SPB himself. I saw a small gathering in a big maNDapam with all tamil people. It is an occassion of marriage. People are supposedly performing before SPB with he hosting it. When there is a request by the crowd to let people sing before him, he asks the crowd if there is anybody to play Keyboard for support. I volunteer. The keyboard available is a very low end model. SPB suggests that I put some beats on the keyboard for the singers to keep the rhythm. For the song "vaa veNNilaa", to be sung by a malayaLi, the crowd boos him constantly. SPB interupts and says it is veru rude of the crowd to behave that way and that he is going to sing along with him. BOth SPB and the singer start singing together. In the middle of the song, SPB makes way for the singer and he sings pretty well. The sangathis in the aalaap are not that crisp but he still manages to do a decent job. Around that time SPB comes behind me, the kyeboard guy, and drinking water. I ask him - "Sir oru request." "ennappa, yesudas paattu paadaNuma ?". Yes "sir, Pramadhavanam". He hums - "theLidheepam" and revises the sangathi and falters. He says, "ok..konjam wait paNNu sangathi correct paNNiNdu varEn"

There ends the dream.