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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Last 2 weeks

Crazy..It has been. This is waht I did:

(1) Drove all the way to Dallas from Columbia,SC (1000 miles oneway) for a vacation at my friend's (ramanan) place.
(2) took the MOTIF with me. this is the reason I did not fly.
(3) while in dallas, wrote the second draft of second paper and sent it to much for vacation !!
(4) sequenced a bengali song of haimanti with simple interludes.
(5) did some recording of my friend's voice along with the track.
(6) had wonderful fun with his family in the morning. ate quite well, also worked on my thesis, and recorded some songs of his.
(7) philosophized on life with him.
(8) on the way back stopped in Atlanta for a break and was asked out of the blue to play keyboard for Jolly kuherjee - the bollywood singer.
(9) was fed up to see the crazy party culture to which I was catering music to.
(10) hours of driving took a toll and my bed would not let me get up that easily.
(11) hardly got time to check e-mails. do not know how many offers of viagra have been missed.

will come p with more details later..