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Friday, April 04, 2008

My 7 Idols - Composers

I am an amateur musician with no formal training.

That means all the musicians I enjoy compositions of, are my gurus. However, there are a handful from who I would learn the most, be it indoctrinated listening or a natural affinity to a style that is compatible with my character and ability.

I call these masters my "Idols". In this series I intend to talk about the 7 composing idols that I learn a lot from and have been influenced by in my simple musical exercises. Note that, this page is NOT a verdict on these composers but a sincere attempt to explain how they appeal to me, influence me and the aspects that I look to learn from them.

The 7 idols are:

  1. M. S. Viswanathan (MSV)

  2. Ilaiyaraja (IR)

  3. Raveendran

  4. Vidyasagar (VS)

  5. A. R. Rehman (ARR)

  6. Hrudayanath Mangeshkar (HM)

  7. Sharath
Honorable Mentions : Madanmohan and Salil Choudhary

This article starts with Sharath. Please stay tuned for the series.