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Thursday, August 25, 2016

My composition : Akhiya Tarsa- Meera Bhajan - Raag Hansvinodini

Song : Akhiya Tarasa
Raag : Hansvinodini / Hamsavinodni
Composed and Sung by : Murali Venkatraman

On this day of Gokulashtami, I thought I could share this composition of mine in the rare raga hamsavinodini. Given the paucity of time to record with elaborate arrangements, I am presenting only a simple rendition captured on a cell-phone backed up by shruti-box. Someday one my lady-singer friends may embrace the song and deliver it much more smoothly :)
Please let me know how you like it.

अखयाँ तरसा दरसण प्यासी
अखयाँ तरसा दरसण प्यासी।।टेक।।
मग जोवाँ दिण बीताँ सजणी, णैण पड्या दुखरासी।
डारा बेठ्या कोयल बोल्या, बोल सुण्या री गासी।
कड़वा बोल लोक जग बोल्या करस्याँ म्हारी हांसी।
मीरां हरि रे हाथ दिकाणी जणम जणम री दासी।।
(तरसा=तरस रही है, दुखरासी=दुःखों का ढेर,
अत्यधिक दुःख, डारा=डाली, गासी=दुःख से भरा हुआ)