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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

NaadharoopiNi - the swara circus of Ravindran - M.G. Sreekumar - A Tribute on the 4th anniversary

Song : Naadha roopiNi
Composer : Raveendran
Lyrics : Kaithapram Damodaran Namboodhiri
Singer : M.G. Sreekumar
Movie : His Highness Abdullah

Performed by :
Murali Venkatraman

It has been quite a while since I tried anything even modestly semi-classical. The last time I sang a semi-classical was in Oct 2005:

1. Vedham Nee
2. Pramadhavanam
3. Sangeethame

But my recent enrollment in Smt. Shobha Shekhar's classes has once again sparked my excitement in the old semi-classicals. And the result of this excitement ? Internet needs to bear with my version of a National award winning song of MGS.

To say Raveendran was a gandharvan would be a severe understatement. Can you imagine an angel without wings but with an unshaven face and with glasses ? If you can that would be Raveendran. This master composer left us with his rich musical legacy four years ago when the South Indian musical fraternity wept. ( Check out dhool's tribute here ).

With all the Idea Star Singer and Super Singer programmes popping up in every possible channel, Raveendran's long lost songs like rajeevam vidarum nin mizigaL are regularly sung since they challenge the singer to the very end. A Raveendran song was always an elaborately prepared feast in a modern setting with traditional techniques. Anybody could enjoy the tasty meal and those who know musical cookery revel in the technique apart from the taste.

This song dragged MGS from relative obscurity to superstardom. MGS has been singing difficult songs for long (e.g. swaminatha paripaalayasumaam and nagumomu in Chitram) but gained unprecedented popularity with this song which won his first national award. His delivery which stuck to the classical roots with his apt warmed up tone won him plaudits.

My humble attempt is two-pronged:

1. Remember Raveendran by singing his songs akin to singing Tyagaraja's songs in Thiruvaiyaaru.

2. To dust my rust and stand-up for better semi-classical / classical performances.

Listeners - please feel free to critique.