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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Welcome Yamaha Motif ES !

After the debacle I had at Ebay, I was wondering if I should not buy the Keyboard that I have been desiring all along ! But I told myself, I shall persist and buy this provided a good deal with financing option is available. I have never felt so much rush of blood in me to buy a Keyboard. After all, I could wait for 10 yrs ! I probably could have waited more. But given the amount of composing that I have done in the past 3 years, I just could not wait any more but buy a mini home studio for myself. After considerable amount of study, I decided to go with MOTIF ES 6 - the hottest music workstation in the market. With many sites praising it sky high, the independent reviewers also giving a perfect 10, I just could not buy any other synth including the trusted
Korg Triton.

After negotiating with for a deal of $2438 dollars to be paid interest free over 12 months, I acquired the following gear:


(1) Yamaha Motif ES 6 - mother of all synths in the market
(2) Yamaha mLAN16E - firewire audio itnerface
(3) PLG100VH - a vocal harmonizer
(4) MOTIF 6 Gig Bag
(5) Super Deluxe Keyboard Bag
(6) ATH-M20 closed-back studio headphones
(7) The Complete Guide to the Motif ES DVD
(8) YKA7000 Stand

(9) Tripod Boom Mic Stand
(10) FC4 Piano Style Sustain Pedal
(11) AKG - D880M - microphone
(12) Microphone Cable
(13) Lo Z to Hi Z adaptor
(14) Pop Filter

Total = $2478 (free shipping) + 12 months interest-free financing.


It weighs a whopping 47 lbs ! Hence it has been nicnamed MOTI (means fat girl in hindi). Moving this keyboard, packing and unpacking - all seem backbreaking.

I have repeatedly been told that this Keybaord is a monster. There can be no excuse now regarding the non-availability of options to produce good music except.....

..thesis defense / graduation :)