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Monday, August 20, 2007

Pon enpadho

Song : Pon enpadho
Composer : Ramanujam
Singer : SPB
Performed by : Murali Venkatraman

Probably around 4 years back, when Napster was obsolete and there was hardly any way to get a hand on some forgotten great numbers, I was chatting with Rajaraman - the admin of tfmpage on Yahoo Messenger. There used to be some space in the tfmpage server (about 8 MB) which we both would use to transact songs (Just 1 song could be present in the server at any time). We used to dig a lot of golden oldies. RR was a big fan of golden oldies and used to collect these from obscure sources ( Well..Saravanan of dhool is the absolute master in this regard..nevertheless there were other souls like Mano, RR who knew a big fraction of the Walking Encyclopaedia that is Saravanan). He uploaded this song for me one day and I was caught in a trance because it was probably after 20 years that I was hearing that song. I remembered the song coming through Srilankan radio when I used to be in 6th Grade. I savoured the song every bit and also decided to sing sometime.

The greatness of SPB, as I have seen, is in giving life to compositions of even lesser known composers. This song was sung by him for Ramanujam and I took a liking for this song even as a child. It is relatively obscure but with google pretty much creeping into every crevice of the world, nothing seems impossible to get. It is a beautiful melody embellished to perfection by SPB. I have given a shot at it.

Listen to the original here

SPB yin kuralai Pon enpadho ? Poo enpadho ?

Thanks to Aravind for modifying the original file to soften the rendition.