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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Arun's movie ventures

My friend Arun Vaidyanathan is a person with unquenchable enthusiasm for many things in life. He writes, directs, acts, comperes, does mimicry - a person on the move always. Apart from his regular software job, his pursuit of his passion namely making short movies, has won him wide appreciation from critics and some due recognition by media. His movie "Brailliant" has been chosen to be aired by Mania TV and he is all agog about it. I wish him more success in his future endeavors.

One project that he wanted me to work on was the movie "powercut". He insisted I compose the background. music. I remember composing some thematic group violin piece hearing which he said : "Hey man this music reminds me of the pathetic dramas which used to be aired in DD in the early 90s and late 80s". I realized that it indeed was. So, I asked him for more time and I composed the BGM. He was very happy with the BGM and suggested that I add it to the movie. That is when I realized that I had no expertise in doing audio mixing for movie. What I had at that time was a laptop with a stupid soundcard and a Yamaha EX-7 (which was not mine either - well graduate students do not own big gadgets except may be a digital camera). We both were deeply saddened by my 'state of art' and he was wondering what could possible be done.

I directed him to Jay Krishnan, an NJ based composer whose composition "paniththirai poongavil" that he shared at tfmpage was beautiful. The sound balance was awesome and Radhika had rendered it brilliantly. Arun approached JK and finally JK ended up composing an entirely different music for the movie which was appreciated later by the critics. Hope I get to work with Arun in one of his coming projects for which I need to equip myself better. Wish him all good luck with his new ventures !! Way to go arun !

BTW, Arun and I have never met.